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The Range of Whirlpool Air Purifiers


  Whirlpool air purifiers are often a popular choice with many people who are looking to help push their home into a state of cleanliness of air quality.

The brand of Whirlpool itself is one of the most trusted manufacturers of appliances for around the home and because of this, many people will feel as if an air purifier from them would be a smart investment.

While Whirlpool air purifiers will cover a wide range of specifications, many of them will perform in the same way. This can give you the best chance of ensuring that you are always getting the same quality service from your unit.

All Whirlpool filters will use HEPA filters to deliver the strongest possible rate of cleaning. Only the true HEPA filters have been consistently tested to clean at a rate of 99.97%. All of the other filters tested have only been able to provide at a rate of 99.5% at best.

On top of this, the HEPA filters used by Whirlpool will capture particles which are as small as 0.3 microns, turning this into a very high-efficiency filter. You will not need to worry about a great deal of excess dirt and dust floating around your home.

A Whirlpool air filter will come in the Whispure model. These whirlpool air cleaners are designed to run quietly, providing air filtration without an excess of noise output. They will also each have a different CADR rating, telling you just how effective they are at cleansing the air.

Each model may come with a different recommended area for cleaning, but you will be able to know that whichever room you stick the machine in, it will be brought to the optimum level of purity. Examining each of the models available, however, should help you determine which model may be right for your needs.

Whirlpool Air Purifiers - Whispure 250 Air Purifiers

Filter Technology:

This model features the HEPA filter only but it carries a CADR rating of 150. This is specifically targeted toward the removal of cigarette smoke, which can make this unit effective in the home of a smoker.

Area Covered:

The Whispure 250 is best used in a room of 250 square feet or less. When you run the model in an area this size, you are exposing your home to nearly 5 complete air changes over the course of an hour.

Maintenance Required:

The HEPA filter will need to be replaced regularly, around once per year. This should cost you around $80. The unit should also frequently be wiped down to remove the buildup of dirt and dust.

Price and Warranty:

A one year limited warranty will protect this unit against any internal defects which could arise. The unit itself will typically sell for around $275, depending on the retailer.

Additional Features:

Three fan speeds give you a better level of control over the purification of your home and indicator lights will alert you to when the filters need to be changed for optimum efficiency.

Whirlpool Air Purifiers - Whispure 450

Filter Technology:

The HEPA filters will remove particles from the air at the standard rate, while a carbon pre-filter will work on both eliminating the largest particles from the air and on helping you to control the presence of odor. The CADR rating of this unit is 320.

Area Covered:

You will receive a total of 4.8 air changes in one hour when you run this unit in a room of 450 square feet. If you choose to run this unit in a smaller area, you will receive an even higher rate of air change.

Maintenance Required:

Both the HEPA filter and the carbon filters will need to be replaced. The HEPA filter should last for around one year and cost about $75. The carbon filters will need to be changed about every 3 months, although they are sold in a 4-pack for around $25.

Price and Warranty:

This unit should sell for around $375. A one year limited warranty will help you make sure that the unit remains operational for as long as it takes to get adjusted to working in your regular home environment.

Additional Features:

This model is lightweight, making it very easy to transport from room to room. It will also open very easily, turning filter changes into a quick, easy process.

Whirlpool Air Purifiers - Whispure 510

  Filter Technology:

With a CADR rating of 330, the HEPA filter and the carbon pre-filter will do an outstanding job at cleansing the air in your home. Both filters will uphold the traditional HEPA standards that make these purifiers strong and unique.

Area Covered:

An area of 510 square feet is best recommended for the Whispure 510. If you put this in a smaller room, you will receive more than the typical 4.8 air changes it is known for. A larger room will still be purified, but not to the same degree.

Maintenance Required:

You will need to change both the HEPA and the carbon filters on a regular basis to keep the machine running smoothly. Carbon filters should be changed every 3 months, while the HEPA filter should last about a year. Both filters can be purchased at the same time, however, as the carbon filters will be sold in 4-packs. The cost of both filters should be around $100 total.

Price and Warranty:

This Whispure 510 comes with a one year limited warranty to help the unit adjust to your personal environment and conditions. The unit itself typically sells for $700.

Additional Features:

The model is Energy Star certified, making it a truly energy efficient appliance. It also comes with a built-in cord storage and handle, allowing you to easily transport it from location to location.

When you are looking through Whirlpool air purifiers, you will see that there are a number of strong models to choose from. The biggest decision in picking one may come down to the size of the room you want to purify. Whichever one you may choose, however, you will know that the best possible rate of cleaning is going to be performed in your home.

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