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Could a Whole House Air Purifier Work For You?

How Does a Home Air Purifier System Work?


  A whole house air purifier takes the basic technology which is used for a room air purifier and works on applying it to your whole house.

It can be a great technique to helping you have an environment which is suitable for you and your family to live in because you will know that it's given you the best and safest environment to be in.

A whole house air purifier comes in many different forms, however, and you will want to make sure that you know enough about the technology to make a choice which is appropriate for your home.

A typical air purifier will make use of different filter technology to help clean the air in a certain smaller area. Room air purifiers can clean spaces which are typically enclosed and they will run at enough of a speed to clean that area a certain number of times in an hour. The more air changes that a room is exposed to, the cleaner and healthier it will typically be.

A few different forms of filter technology are typically available as well. Some filters use HEPA technology, which is the highest rated form of purification available. HEPA filters use millions of tiny threads to help capture dirt and other particles in the air as it passes through the filter.

Some forms of technology will give an electrostatic charge to either the air or the filter and this is designed to attract the particles in the air and help to purify.

Other forms of filter will be washable, giving you the ability to use that filter over and over again without having to buy a replacement. With a home air purifier system, however, this technology is expanded to be able to serve the much larger area that your whole house covers. Ideally, you will be able to serve every room in your house and give your space a much cleaner, pure environment to exist in. It can make a huge difference and end up serving your home very well.

How Does The Whole House Air Purifier Work?

A few different methods are given to different air purifiers that are designed for your whole house.

Typically, each of them will work based on the HVAC system that you already have as a part of your home. Many times, by connecting this air purification system into your typical heating and cooling environment, you will be able to introduce a level of purification into every room in your house.

Some whole house air purification systems work by simply sticking a filter into the main air duct of your HVAC system. This model would be similar to the Aprilaire or the Lennox Healthy Climate models that are sold. As the fan for the system will begin running, the air will be pulled through this filter. It will begin to collect all of the particles that you want out of your air and then after the air runs through the heating or cooling process, you will have fresh, pure air being pumped into your home.

This type of whole house air purifier is advantageous because it can help clean the air before it enters your heating or cooling unit, allowing less contaminates to be introduced into your system.

Another type of air purification system will work in this manner, but it will be actually inserted into a section of your air duct system after the heating or cooling. As the air is being blown out of the unit, it will be pushed through a double-V shaped set of filters.

These filters are typically a very high concentration of filter material and they can help you collect a great deal of particle contamination before it re-enters your home.An IQ Perfect 16 air purifier system would be representative of this technology design.

Finally, other types of purifiers for your entire house could actually be used on a room-to-room basis. They have the potential to either push a great deal of air through their system or they can fit into your air ducts manually and help push air through their system, like an EdenPure air system.

This type of purifier, however, will make use of ozone and should be carefully considered before it is run frequently. High levels of ozone can actually be harmful to your health, which is counterproductive to the point of purifying the air in your home.

How Much Do Whole House Purifiers Cost?

  Considering that these systems are built to cover a much larger area than a typical room air purifier, you can expect to pay more than a room air purifier might provide.

Largely, however, the price will depend on the type of technology that the purifier is using. In the case of a single filter being inserted into your HVAC system, you will pay a lot less than multiple filters or other forms of technology.

You will also want to pay careful attention to the warranty which is offered with the whole house air purifier that you are looking into. This is going to be a major investment that you use to help keep your entire home clean over great periods of time. If you fail to get one with a decent warranty, you may have found yourself making a major investment that is not going to be protected for some time to come.

A typical warranty for an air purifier will last for 5 years. The same can be held true for a whole house purifier. The worst warranties will last for a year or less. The best ones will hold for over 10 years.

You are going to want to make sure that you choose a model that will carry a great deal of protection with it for some time to come.

You are going to be exposed to a number of different forms of a whole house air purifier.

Making sure that you make a smart decision will depend on the type of technology that you desire, the size of your house, and your willingness of maintenance on the unit.

Once you figure out your priorities, however, you should be able to choose a whole house air purifie which works well in your needs.

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