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Are Alen Air Purifiers Really Amongst The Best?


Alen air purifiers are a brand of air cleaning machines which hold themselves to higher standards than any other brand of purifier on the marker.

  Not only do they use the top rated HEPA technology to help capture and eliminate particles from the air, but a number of other forms of technology all combine with this HEPA filtration to remove threats from the air.

Some Great Features of Alen Air Cleaners

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Alen air purifiers are made to last and the lifetime warranty which comes with them will back that up. If you want to have air purification in your home that is not only affordable but that you don't need to worry about breaking easily, Alen is the way to go.

    They don't waste their time putting out a cheap product that only needs to last as long as the warranty.

    By ensuring a lifetime warranty on all of their products, you can be sure that when you buy an Alen, the unit will function for as long as you own it.

    Each of the Alen purifiers has one simple requirement to the warranty. In order to be given the full protection that comes along with a lifetime warranty, you will have to replace the filters every six months regularly.

    This will keep the filters running at an optimal level and will not put any undue stress on the machine.Considering that the filter life only lasts six months anyway, this is not an unreasonable condition of the warranty.

  • Top Enerygy Star Ratings - High Energy Efficient Standards
  • Another great feature about each of the Alen air purifiers is that they have all been made to very high energy efficient standards.

    Energy Star has given them all a top rating so that when you use an Alen purifier, you are not going to consume a lot of power while doing so.

    This helps anyone life a greener lifestyle and be more conscious about all of the resources that they are consuming over the course of their life.

Each of these air cleaner comes well recommended and you should feel comfortable making any of them a part of your home.

Figuring out which purifier fits your needs perfectly, however, can be important. Taking a closer look may help you make that decision.

Alen A350 Air Purifier

Filter Technology:

Both HEPA technology and a carbon odor eliminator are included with this unit.

Both types of filtration will come in one package, however, making changing the filters much easier than if they were separate.

Area Covered:

Rooms of 400 square feet will be given the best level of purification with multiple air changes. This unit can be used in rooms of up to 800 square feet, however.

Maintenance Required:

The single filter will need to be replaced every six months to keep it running at an optimal rate as well as to stay within warranty regulations.

Warranty and Price:

A lifetime warranty is provided with this unit as long as filters are regularly changed. The unit typically retails for $399.

Additional Features:

The highest fan speed uses only 90 watts and a 12 hour timer is included as a feature on this unit.

Alen Air Cleaner A375 Model

Filter Technology:

HEPA filtration, along with carbon odor removal, a pre-filter, and UV technology will all work together to remove the highest level of contamination from the air.

Area Coverage:

While the purifier can treat areas of 800 square feet, rooms of 400 square feet or smaller will be given the best level of purification.

Maintenance Required:

Each of the filters will need to be replaced every 6 months to keep the unit running and within warranty requirements. The UV light should be replaced as needed.

Warranty and Price:

The unit comes with a lifetime warranty, protecting it against and defects which may arise. The model itself sells for $600.

Additional Features:

A remote control gives you better access to programming the unit while the optional ionizer can help you make your home fresher.

Alen T100 Air Purifier

Filter Technology:

HEPA filtration works with a carbon post-filter to capture particles as well as remove the presence of odor from the air.

Area Coverage:

This small unit is best designed for rooms of 125 square feet or smaller, although it can treat rooms of up to 200 square feet.

Maintenance Required:

The filters will need to be replaced every six months in accordance with the warranty. Dusting the unit frequently is also recommended.

Warranty and Price:

The lifetime warranty is standard with the compact T100 unit, while it will sell for only $149, making it one of the cheaper purifiers available.

Additional Features:

This compact unit weighs only 8 pounds, making it very easy to move around. It also runs on one simple, combined filter.

Alen Air Purifiers - Alen T300 Hepa Tower Air Purifier

  Filter Technology:

HEPA filters capture 99.7% of all particles in the air while a carbon filter works to remove the presence of odor.

The UV light technology will additionally work on removing bacteria from the air.

Area Covered:

Rooms of 225 square feet or smaller are best treated to multiple air changes with this filter, which make it perfect for medium to small rooms.

Maintenance Required:

The filters need to regularly be replaced every 6 months to keep the purifier in compliance with the warranty. The UV light should be replaced as needed.

Warranty and Price:

Like the other Alen air purifiers, the T300 comes with a lifetime warranty. The unit can be purchased for $299.

Additional Features:

The optional ionizer allows you to freshen the room at will while the LCD display makes it very easy to control the unit and program it.

Alen Air Purifiers - Alen Paralda

Filter Technology:

HEPA filtration works on removing particles from the air while the UV lights will destroy the presence of bacteria from your atmosphere.

Area Covered:

This Alen Air purifier will work in rooms from 200 to 400 square feet, although the smaller the room is, the more air changes will take place.

Maintenance Required:

The HEPA filter will need to be replaced every 6 months to keep it up to standards while the UV light should be replaced as new lights are needed.

Warranty and Price:

The Alen Paralda sells for $499, but it is treated with a lifetime warranty which should mean that you never need to buy another purifier.

Additional Features:

The Paralda is entirely eco-friendly, made with all renewable resources. It is also extremely energy efficient, making it a very eco-conscious choice for anyone.

Examining Alen air purifiers can give you a better idea of what you are in store for when searching for purification techniques for your home.

Alen can give you one of the best purifiers on the market, which will carry you a long way toward the best purification you could hope for.

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