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Which Bionaire Air Purifier Should You Purchase?


A Bionaire air purifier comes in many different shapes, sizes, and with many different functions.

  Choosing the best option for your needs could depend greatly on what exactly you may be looking for.

There is a Bionaire air cleaner for nearly anyone with their specific needs and in order to find the right model, you may need to look through a number of different options.

The typical range of Bionaire air purifiers will all work on using filters which are based on HEPA filters to bring purity into your home. Some of these models will include the presence of an activated carbon filter, which can work to eliminate odors.

The important thing to remember about each of these purifiers, however, is that they will all work together to help you with bringing the most important thing, air purity, into your home.

Looking through the specific models can help you determine what may be best for your needs. It can give you an idea of why Bionaire air purifier compared to Ionic Pro may be a smart choice, or how the Bionaire filters will measure up against a Hunter air purifier. Once you take the time to truly evaluate what is offered, you can start to make your own, strong assumptions about the quality of the individual air cleaners.

Bionaire BAP650 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

This Bionaire air purifier model will use a true HEPA filter to bring purity in the form of 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger. An activated carbon pre-filter will additionally contribute to odor control in your home, making this a strong choice.

Area Covered

The model is best suited for areas of 342 square feet so that you can experience up to 6 complete air changes in this period of time.

Maintenance Needed

The true HEPA filter will need to be replaced every year, while the carbon filters should be replaced every 3 months or so. The total cost of filter replacements in a year should be around $120.

Price and Warranty

This Bionaire model will come with a 2 year limited warranty to protect it against any internal defects which may arise. The model itself will sell for around $130, depending on the specific retailer you purchase it from.

Additional Features

A vacuum seal will help to keep dirty air in the machine until it is purified. It will have a very high CADR rating of 225 for tobacco smoke, dust, and pollen.

Bionaire BAP825 Air Cleaner

Filter Technology

This model uses a filter which is styled after HEPA filtration, but isn't an actual HEPA. It will remove 99% of contaminates from the air which are 2 microns or larger and will also feature an activated carbon presence to help with odors. Ion technology will help freshen the air.

Area Covered

A 180 square foot room is the recommended size for this filter to get the highest number of air changes possible to clean your air.

Maintenance Required

The HEPA-like filter should be replaced every 6 months to a year, while the carbon filters can last 3-4 months. The main filter should cost about $20, while a multi-pack of the carbon filters will be about $20 as well.

Price and Warranty

The BAP825 will sell for about $80. A 2 year limited warranty is provided with the unit and this can protect it against internal defects.

Additional Features

A filter indicator will let you know when filters need to be changed. The ionizer is an optional function on the unit.

Bionaire BAP1422

Filter Technology

The Bionaire BAP1422 takes advantage of a HEPA-like filter to give you high purification without the expensive price. A washable foam pre-filter will work of capturing the largest particles in the air and an activated carbon pre-filter will work on killing odors in your home.

Area Covered

The BAP1422 is best suited for rooms of 180 square feet or smaller, as this will give you 6 complete air changes within an hour. Larger rooms will not be exposed to this high level of purification.

Maintenance Required

The washable foam pre-filter should be rinsed in warm, soapy water to remove contamination. The carbon and the main filters will both need to be replaced fully around every 6 months.

Price and Warranty

You can buy a BAP1422 for about $99 and expect to have a 2 year limited warranty come with the unit to protect it from defects.

Additional Features

This is a tower unit, cutting back on the storage space you will need. It is also oscillating, helping to spread clean air everywhere it is needed.

Bionaire BAP1500

  Filter Technology

Both the pre-filter and the main filter are completely washable, working to purify without costing you for replacements. An optional ionizer will help to bring a fresher presence to your air.

Area Covered

You should use the BAP1500 in a room no larger than 507 square feet for 2 complete air changes. A room of 168 square feet, however, will give you 6 total air changes.

Maintenance Required

Both filters will need to be cleaned to keep them running. The foam filter can be washed in warm, soapy water to remove contamination. The main filter should be treated to a thorough vacuuming with the upholstery tools with your vacuum.

Price and Warranty

The unit sells for about $159, which is cheap when you consider that you will not need to ever buy replacement filters. A 2 year limited warranty should protect this unit from defects which could occur.

Additional Features

The tower design allows you to place this filter in a room without taking up space and the remote control makes it easy to control from wherever you are.

A Bionaire air purifier may be right for one person and not for another. Only through carefully looking at everything they offer will you ever be able to determine if one of these models should become a part of your home. Some of the best features are that so many of these models will include permanent filters. If this is an important detail to you, this is a purifier manufacturer which should be examined for your home.

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