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Which Honeywell Air Purifier Is Best?


A Honeywell air purifier may be one of the best tools that you could decide to purchase for your home.

  These air cleaners work at a high rate of purification to help cleanse your home of a number of different harmful elements which pervade the air you breathe.

Nearly all of the Honeywell purifiers will work to do two basic things to the air in your home. Not only are they going to catch and remove as many of the particles which are floating through the air as possible, which is the most basic and necessary function for an air purifier, but they are going to work on killing as many of the germs, viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi in the air as is possible. This results in a very high level of purification that many other brands of air purifier do not give you.

When you seek to compare Honeywell air purifiers, you should take a number of basic factors into account. The specific technology which these filters use should be important. Since all purifiers work best on a different scale, you should know what size room each of these purifiers is best suited for.

Each of these purifiers may need different forms of maintenance as well, so knowing what you are getting yourself into with a certain purifier is recommended.

Finally, the price and the warranty should always be taken into consideration. From these basic facts, you should have enough to figure out which purifiers you want to look into more, at the very least.

Filters for Honeywell air cleaner models should always be one of the most important aspects. Starting your search here and moving on may be the smartest move.

After you learn what the most basic characteristics of air purification are, you should be able to find a Honeywell air purifier which will be perfect for your needs.

Honeywell 50250 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

This model makes use of a True HEPA filter, which works on collecting both particles from the air as well as many airborne viral contaminates as possible. In addition, an activated carbon pre-filter will work on giving you the best odor control that you could hope for.

Area Covered

374 square feet is the recommended area for this purifier to be used in for a manner that will help control asthma and other allergies. In a room of 500 square feet, however, it will effectively give 5 complete air changes to the area.

Maintenance Required

The True HEPA filter will need to be thoroughly vacuumed out twice per year. Removing the contaminates in this manner will give you the longest-lasting life for this filter. The activated carbon pre-filters should be changed around every three months. A display on the unit will indicate you when the need arises.

Price and Warranty

A 5 year limited warranty is offered with this Honeywell air purifier. It will retail for as low as $158, although prices could range up to $200.

Additional Features

A sleep mode is offered, allowing you to run this purifier without having to worry about causing too much distraction at night.

Honeywell HHT 145 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

A HEPAClean filter will work on removing as many particles from the air before it is exposed to UV light, which will work on eliminating all presence of virus, bacteria, mold spores, and fungi. A zeolite filter will also work on odor control in your home.

Area Covered

12 different fan speeds are available, giving you a high level of purification. The recommended area to be covered with this purifier is 185 square feet.

Maintenance Required

The HEPAClean filter should be vacuumed out about twice a year. The zeolite filters should be replaced every three months. The UV light in the unit will be able to run for about 9 continuous months before it will need to be changed and replaced.

Warranty and Price

This model sells for around $250. The 5 year limited warranty offered with the unit will protect it from any defects which may arise in the model.

Additional Features

A sleep timer allows you to program the machine to run for a set amount of time. The unit will also oscillate, sending fresh air about the room.

Honeywell 17000N Air Purifier

  Filter Technology

True HEPA filtration can be found within this air purifier. Along with the ability to remove particles and airborne viral contaminates from the air, a carbon pre-filter will work on giving your air a level of odor control which can be important.

Area Covered

A room of 168 square feet will be given 6 complete air changes in an hour. Smaller rooms will experience higher purification while larger rooms will have a smaller level.

Maintenance Required

The True HEPA filter will need to be vacuumed out twice a year to maintain the level of purification that the machine needs to operate at. The carbon filters should be changed every three months.

Price and Warranty

The five year limited warranty should cover this model, which sells for around $115, against any defects which may arise internally.

Additional Features

This system offers a sensor that lets you know when the filter technology is going to need cleaned or replaced.

Honeywell HFD-130 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

HEPA technology is combined with intense field dielectric methods to make the IFDAir filter used. This filter alone will work on capturing particles from the air as well as removing the contaminates in the air in the form of viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Area Covered

This Honeywell air purifier will best serve a room of 200 square feet. A room of this size will be given 4 complete air changes in an hour.

Maintenance Required

The IFDAir filter is built to last a lifetime. That being said, it should either be carefully rinsed or vacuumed out about every two months.

Warranty and Price

The 5 year limited warranty will protect the machine against any defects which may arise. The unit traditionally sells for around $195.

Additional Features

An ionizer will give you the option of releasing negative ions into the air. This will give the room a sense of freshness that closed off rooms do not often have.

Finding the right Honeywell air purifier will simply require a great deal of concentration to figure out what your home environment will need in purification. It should not be difficult, however, to find a model that will serve you well.

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