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BlueAir Air Purifiers Make A Strong Choice


  When BlueAir air purifiers are used in your home, you can rest assured that you are going to be getting a machine that will use a sophisticated type of technology to clean the air in your home.

The Blue Air brand has improved the HEPA technology which is a normal part of air purification and made a special type of air filtration that can only be found in one of their own models.

This is why BlueAir air purifiers are such a popular choice with people who are serious about their quality of air purification.

Special hepa Filter Technology in the BlueAir Air Purifiers

Typical HEPA filter technology will help to capture 99.7% of all of the particles in the air which are 0.3 microns or larger. Blue Air was not satisfied with these standards, however, so they raised the bar with the HEPA technology that they produced.

Using the same type of filtration, they made their air filter have standards that will capture particles of 0.1 microns or larger at a rate of at least 99.97%. These filters are called the HEPASilent filter.

This is because the HEPA technology that they improved on will not only capture the particles in the air in the normal fashion, but the electrostatic charge that will run through the machine will help give all of those particles a charge. This will make them automatically attracted to the filter and help capture even more.

More than this, however, they made a standard of HEPA technology that will run at a nearly silent rate. Instead of the normal noise that a HEPA filter will produce,the Blueair air purifiers with this technology will make no more noise than a typical desktop computer might. This will give you the opportunity to run your purifier constantly without having to suffer from any distraction for it.

Looking more closely at the BlueAir air purifiers can give you the opportunity to determine which model may work best for you. By scanning this basic list of features which each model provides, you should be able to see which ones you want to look at more closely.

BlueAir 201 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

The HEPASilent filter which is standard for Blue Air purifiers is included as well as the option to upgrade to the Smokestop carbon filtration.

Area Coverage

A 175 square foot room will be given 6 complete air changes in an hour. A larger room of up to 528 square feet may only get 2 changes per hour. Six changes is recommended.


Filters will need to be replaced every six months, especially under the warranty provided. Units should also be wiped down often to help remove the build up of any additional contaminates, especially around the vents.

Warranty and Price

A 10 year extended warranty is provided for the models as long as they are consistently changed every six months. This model will traditionally retail between $235 and $350, depending on the seller.

Additional Features

The Blue Air 201 is very energy efficient, running at less than 60 watts. This allows you to run the model for long periods of time without having to pay much in energy consumption. That fact is also good for the environment.

BlueAir 402 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

The HEPASilent filter is a common feature with the nontoxic polypropylene fibers and the electrostatic charge. Upgrading to the Smokestop filter is avaiable.

Area Coverage

Six complete air changes will be given with this model in a room of 310 square feet or smaller. Typically, two air changes will be granted to a 900 square foot room.


Dusting off the unit is recommended often so that contaminates will not build up. Filters will need to be replaced every six months on schedule to maintain the warranty conditions.

Price and Warranty

Should anything happen to the model within 10 years of the purchase, parts and labor will be covered as long as the filters are regularly changed every six months. The unit will feature for $390.

Additional Features

Helps to combat mold in the air as well as dust, pollen, and other allergens. The unit is very energy efficient as well as very quiet to operate.

BlueAir 501 Air Purifier

  Filter Technology

Electrostatic charges and nontoxic polypropylene fibers will help to capture an overwhelming amount of contaminates in the air using HEPASilent technology.

Area Coverage

580 square feet will be treated with six complete air changes in one hour. For two full air changes, the room should have no more than 1690 square feet.

Maintenance Required

Each of the filters will need to be replaced every six months to keep the unit running as efficiently as possible. The purifier will also need to be frequently wiped down to help clear as much buildup from the machine as possible.

Warranty and Price

A 10 year extended warranty will be given to this model. The condition is that all filters need to be regularly changed every 6 months to keep them working as well as they can. This unit will sell for around $488.

Additional Features

This is a very energy efficient model. Additionally, four different fan speeds are offered to help you control the level and the amount of noise this purifier makes.

BlueAir 601 Air Purifier

Filter Technology

Using the HEPASilent filter that is common with Blue Air, this model will give particles an electrostatic charge to best capture all particles.

Area Coverage

Six air changes will take place in 679 square feet or smaller. For two air changes at a minimum, the purifier should not be used in a space larger than 1840 square feet.

Maintenance Required

Besides changing the filters regularly every six months, the unit will need to be periodically wiped down to remove all dust and dirt buildup from around the vents.

Warranty and Price

A very generous 10 year extended warranty is provided as long as filters are changed every six months. The unit itself will sell for around $600.

Additional Features

The air is released from a number of areas, preventing all of the air from coming out in one big stream. It also does not have ozone emissions, which many HEPA filters often will.

When looking for the best BlueAir air purifiers, you can see that there will be a number of different models that have great features. Largely depending of the size of the room you need to treat, different purifiers may be recommended. Once you figure out what your particular needs are, you should be able to find the best purifier for your home.

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