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Telling the Difference Between Different Models of an Oreck Air Purifier

  How can you tell what the best Oreck air purifier would be?

Oreck is a brand that you know you can trust when it comes to providing quality vacuum cleaners. Yet, when you have the desire or need for an air purifier in your home, will an Oreck air purifier stand up to their level of quality service that they provide with the vacuum?

One benefit of choosing an Oreck purifier is that you know you will be getting the same type of technology in every one of their purifiers. You will be given quality guaranteed technology with a lifetime warranty on specific pieces of whichever purifier you end up choosing.

Additionally, each of the Oreck air purifiers will give you a “silent” option, allowing you to run your air purifier model without having distracting noises in the background.

This makes an Oreck a great choice for your office, where you will need to conduct business in a working atmosphere. Making that environment as comfortable as possible will greatly benefit everyone inside of it, however.

When decided which Oreck model is the right model for your home or workspace, however, you may wish to take into account all of their specific functions. Different models will work better in different areas. Some are more suited for smaller rooms, like bedrooms, while others can function in a large space like an office.

The following will give you a basic overview of different Oreck air purifier models covered and their most basic qualities. This may assist you in making decisions about the best models for you to investigate further.

Oreck XL Tabletop Model

Filter technology:

Uses a Truman Cell with an electrostatic charge, a charcoal filter to help remove odors, and an Oxygenator to help reduce the amount of ozone produced and freshen air.

Area Coverage:

Will fully clean a 600 square foot room once every hour. Gives smaller rooms a higher rate of complete air change.


Truman Cells will need washed with soap and water nearly every three days. The Oxygenator never needs to be removed from the model. Charcoal filters generally need changed after three months of use.


Oreck provides a three-year warranty on this model if it is used in the home, a one-year warranty for any use in an office. The Truman Cell filter has a permanent lifetime warranty provided.

Additional Features:

Model has an easy to use control panel with a night light for easy use and three speed settings, including a silent option. This is a very energy efficient model, costing less to run over the course of an hour than a traditional light bulb would.

Oreck XL Tower Air Purifiers

Filter Technology:

Uses a Truman Cell with an electrostatic charge to remove viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, and other impunities from the air.

A charcoal filter will help with removing odors and an Oxygenator feature freshens the air by removing ozone from the air.

Additionally has features which can add scents of your choice into the air, helping to give you the environment that you desire.

Area Coverage:

Given a 900 square foot one air change per hour. Smaller rooms will have multiple changes per hour, making this an effective cleaner for smaller rooms.


The Truman Cell will need washed with soap and water around every three days of use. Charcoal filters generally need to be replaced every three months and the oxygenator never needs to be removed from the model.


The Truman Cell is given a lifetime warranty, guaranteed to always work as long as you take care of it. The tower model itself is given a 5 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Additional Features:

Model comes with four different speed settings, including a silent option. A night light is provided on the easy-to-use panel and can make operating this model much easier. Very energy efficient, costing less to run over an hour than a traditional 85 watt light bulb would.

Oreck Air Purifier Aircom1BRP

Filter Technology:

The Oreck Aircom1BRP also uses the Truman Cell technology offered only by Oreck to use an electrostatic charge to remove unwanted contaminates in the air.

The charcoal filter will help to absorb all unwanted odors and the oxygenator feature removes ozone from the air and helps to make air fresh and healthy once more.

Area Coverage:

A 625 square foot room will be given a complete air change once per hour with this model.


The Truman Cell technology will need to be washed with soap and water around every three days. Other than this, if well taken care of, it will be given a full lifetime warranty from Oreck. Charcoal filters need to be replaced nearly every three months.

Additional Features:

Needs less energy than a 55 watt light bulb does over the course of an hour. Electronic filters never need replacing.

The Oreck XL 8.5 Pure Air Model

  Filter Technology:

Using technology patented to Oreck, the Oreck air cleaner pure air model also takes advantage of the Truman Cell technology to help trap particles and other, smaller elements in the air by negating them with an electrostatic charge.

An oxygenator will help to freshen the air by removing all ozone and the charcoal filter feature of this model will help to remove all unwanted odors.

Area Coverage:

A 600 square foot room will experience one complete air change in an hour with this model.


Truman Cell technology needs to be washed with soap and water every time it gets to a certain stage of use, generally around every three days. Other than this, it is provided with a lifetime warranty from Oreck. You should replace charcoal filters around every three months of use.

Additional Features:

Full-blast mode of high costs less to run than a traditional light bulb. Two other speed settings allow you to run this model at a quieter rate while still purifying the air in your home.

As you can see, there are many different options when it comes to finding the right Oreck air purifier for your home or office. By using further examination, you should be able to find a model that will fulfill all of your needs!

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