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Airsource 3000 Air Purifier

by Keith
(Oregon USA )

I have owned the Airsource 3000 air purifier for over 4 years now and used to work in the tech support end of the customer service department for this air purifier.
I used to look at Air Purifiers as a waste of money and more or less "snake oil" if you will. What changed my mind about this particular unit was seeing it in action and in person.

I got to know the unit from the inside out and learned about it's technologies of using both Negative ion generation and also Ozone generation on a small level well within OSHA guidelines.
After having worked on a few units and directing customer's to resellers of this product (It is sold by Shaklee), I was convinced of it's benefits.

When I first plugged in my unit I noticed a difference in the general "smell" of my home. Some may call it fresh, others will liken it to "fresh rain" smell.The other thing noticeable is the sheer dust that came along even in a very clean home. This is due to the negative ion generation which sends out negative ions to bind to the positively charged electrons attached to particulate in the air, this in turn affects the weight of the item and if saturated enough will drop it to the ground, or table top etc...

Over the period of a few weeks the dust went down and was within normal levels. Why so much dust? Perhaps it was 'pulling' the particulate from the air that we don't notice.(Take note of how much stuff you see floating around when a window blind is pulled letting sun light in. How much of that do you breathe?).

The maintenance of this unit is very easy.Change the light on it to keep the ozone up to it's best service once a year, and every few months or so, just wipe down the unit with a damp towel (WHILE IT IS NOT PLUGGED IN), and wipe it down to remove any dust that has settled on it it's self. Not much to it.

The cost for the light is about $60USD and can be purchased by the Shalkee reps.

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