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Airsource 3000

I have been using the Airsource 3000 for over 6 years now and it is amazing. It uses a photohydroionization module that you replace just once a year.

It runs so quietly that I never hear any noise from it. I also love the fact that it has a very nice sleek design and looks almost like a piece of art in the living room. It seems to blend in any room in my house. There are no filters to keep cleaning and replacing all of the time.

My husband and I both have lots of allergies and were able to try the purifier out before we bought it. We have two cats and I am allergic to cats as well as many other things. We were able to tell almost immediately that this was making a difference for our allergies and the house smelled so much cleaner. That was amazing to us having two cats in the house.Well, we wanted to buy one of these units right away so we put our order in and received it 3 days later. We were able to keep the trial purifier until we received our new one.

Another really great thing about this air purifier is that it is able to handle 3,000 square feet easily and has no problem handling a home with pets. When we travel, we always bring our purifier with us and use it in the hotel rooms. The first thing we do when we arrive in our hotel room is to plug in the unit, then we usually go get dinner or lunch. When we get back to our room, the air in the room is clean and any funny smells are gone.

This purifier is truly the best we have tried so far and we have tried so many others. My husband and I are both very satisfied customers of the Airsource brand of air purifiers.

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