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Alen T300 HepaUV Tower Air Purifier

by Deborah
(North Carolina USA )

Review of Alen T300 HepaUV Tower Air Purifier. I love this air purifier, it is great. I searched online for a while to find the least expensive high quality purifier I could find that was good for people with asthma. I found this one it was a little expensive but it was offered on a payment plan which worked great for me. I have owned this purifier for about a year. I have never had a purifier before this one.

My son has asthma and I needed something really high quality. It has bacterial removal features, it’s quiet and it has a few different air changes per hour which is much needed for me and my son.

I love the fact that it has four speed settings so you can adjust it according to what’s going on at the time. I love the fact that it is sleek in design and it’s small, it fits right in with my furniture it doesn’t look out of place.

The filters are a little expensive but you can get a good deal online when you buy the air purifier they had a discount when you buy two filters along with the purifier. The filters last about 7 months which is great so you don’t have to change them as often which is much cheaper.

I also like the fact that the purifier has odor control because sometimes the odors in the air also trigger my son’s asthma. The other thing that is good is that it has power off protection system when you open the top of the unit, which is good because with my son he likes to get into everything and this helps me keep him safe.

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