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What Are the Best Ionic Air Purifiers?


The best ionic air purifiers are the ones which will not only offer a high level of purification, but will make the air quality better in an all-around manner.

  Removing particles from the air does not necessarily guarantee that your air will be easier to breathe.

This makes the best ionic air purifiers into the ones that will freshen your air and make it more enjoyable to spend time in. All too often, purifying air will make it feel stale and unpleasant to breathe.

You want an environment that reminds you of being outside, without all of the allergens which traditionally come with fresh air. Ionic purifiers can provide that.

An ion generator is an element of an air purifier which is designed to freshen the air you are experiencing. They will typically release negative ions into the air, which will give it the fresh feeling which is is sometimes otherwise lacking.

The best part is that, on most purifiers, using this ion generator is an optional method. You can control the freshness of your air at will. This helps make an ionic purifier into a more controllable and customizable experience.

If you want the air in your home to be more pleasant and easier to breathe, finding a unit with an ion generator should be an important quality. Since it is an optional feature, you will not need to worry about making the air feel too fresh.

Yet, any time that you do utilize this feature, you can rest assured that you are getting a very high quality in your air.

The following are a few examples of some of the best ionic air purifier models. They show you how the ion generator fits into a number of other forms of technology and offers you a great package for the money you are spending on a purifier. These air cleaners are a good jumping off point for anyone searching.

Best Ionic Air Purifiers Reviewed

Hunter 30375 Air Purifier

This air purifier will give you a HEPAtech filter, which purifies at a higher rate than a traditional HEPA filter, an activated carbon pre-filter, which can help reduce the presence of odor, as well as the ion generator.

This purifier will typically work best on areas of 411 square feet or smaller, making it a great choice for many of the different rooms in your home.

A 5 year limited warranty will come along with this purifier, so you know that whenever you use it, it will be protected from any internal defects which may arise.

Both the carbon and the HEPAtech filters will need to be replaced, but they are relatively inexpensive, costing only $25 and $40 for each set. Above all, the ion generator will aid you with having the freshest air environment possible.

Edenpure Area Air Purifier

This Edenpure air purifier model gives you the opportunity to clean your home in a number of different ways. The technology of this unit includes:

  • A pre-filter to capture the largest particles in the air
  • A washable Area filter to capture the largest particles
  • A photocatalytic filter
  • UV light protection to fight germs in the air
  • An ion generator to freshen the air after use
When you use an Edenpure Area, you are treating up to 800 square feet of your room with an intense level of purification. Additionally, the only element of this purifier which will ever need to be replaced is the UV light at periodic intervals.

It runs on an ultra-silent operation and it will come with a 1 year limited warranty to help protect it against damages.

Alen Paralda Air Cleaner

  When you purchase the Alen Paralda air cleaner, you are giving yourself the chance to use a model that is extremely energy efficient. Using nearly all sustainable resources, this model will be able to not only provide purification to your home, but the ion generator can help freshen the air as well. It runs on very little power and will not cost you much to sustain over the course of your lifetime.

One of the best features about the Alen Paralda is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Once you purchase this unit, which works in a 400 square foot environment, you should not ever need to buy another air purifier again. It has strong features and a high level of purification which should always be able to satisfy your air quality needs.

Soleus SA-150R Air Cleaner

The Soleus SA-150R air purifier is designed for smaller rooms of 220 square feet, but it can help you purify your room in a few different ways. Not only will the HEPA filtration work on eliminating particles from the air, but an activated carbon filter will break down the odors permeating your air.

Combine this with a UV light and germs should no longer pose much of a threat. On top of all of this, the ion generator will work on freshening your air and making it much more pleasant.

It runs on an ultra-silent mode, meaning that you can keep this purifier running constantly without having to worry about distraction from the noise. This will allow you to have a purifier which is going to work hard to make your air safer to breathe.

Knowing that purification is coming from so many places, however, it is not difficult to see why this is a strong ionic air purifier.

Best Ionic Air Purifiers Reviewed


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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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  • Pollen
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  • Mold Spores
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
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