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Carico Grey Deluxe Purifier

by Teddy
(New York, USA )

Carico Grey Deluxe Purifier is the air purifier I have at my home. I never heard of the company as I was shown at my own home from a direct selling agent from the company. I did it as a favor for a friend’s son. He did the presentation and I was impressed by the documentation it had for its air purifier. I liked how it had 10 stages of air filtration and the settings it has.

I have chronic nasal congestion so I have mornings when I can’t breathe well or I have sneezing episodes. It also affects me at night that I have to constantly blow my nose.I was tired of having to take pills so I figured I get an air purifier that’s also an energy saver so I was sold on the information and documentation.

After only 4 days with this machine on for 4 hour cycle periods throughout the day I have to say I am sleeping better and waking up with clear nasal passages! I was ecstatic because it was an obvious difference in our home air quality. We even didn’t have to dust or clean as much so this was a great item.

In a couple months I called the kid Mike again to buy a small one for the bathroom because we had a deluxe for our studio apartment.

We don’t even get the common colds anymore because our air quality is that good. What’s even better was there was only a 3 cent increase in our electric bill with it on 4 hour cycle periods. So this hardly made any impact on our electric bill since it is the only utility we pay for in our apartment.

What’s even better is that after a year of having the machine, the kid called us to remind us that we had to replace our cartridge on a yearly basis. This is really convenient since I forget sometimes and it’s a huge lifespan of the cartridges.

I have to admit that paying for it up front was pricey but it’s worth it for the value you get with the product. We had to finance it but after a year we took care of it completely. It has been a year and three months since we have had it and our health has improved.

I recommend the Carico Grey Deluxe Purifier to anyone who has allergies or breathing problems, or pets as well. This is by far the best air purifier on the market. Call the company to have them send you a rep.

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