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Energy Efficient Ionic Air Purifiers

by Cloei

I have 2 full sized ionic purifiers, one jr sized ionic purifier, and one wall plug in ionic purifier from the sharper image. I have owned them for 2-3 years.

I purchased them guiltfully enough not only because of the good reviews I have read, but because Sharper image is just so darn trendy. The wall plug in makes a gross "singe" looking stain of dirt around it on the wall.

I do not believe it does anything other than make my wall dirty. It is designed for a very small room like a bathroom. The full sized ones do seem to remove a good quantity of dirt, as seen when cleaning the plates.

The rooms they are in smell nice, and do not have lingering odors. The air does seem slightly dry, but that may just be my imagination.

The Jr sized purifier does not seem to get enough air flow through it to clean as well as the full sized ones, even proportionally. All 4 purifiers have no moving parts, and clean by particle charged metal plates within the units, that attract particles of dirt via the static charge on them.

The cleaning cloth included with the units works super well the first few times you use it, then slowly loses its ability to pull the dirt off of the metal plates with ease. It is still reasonably easy to clean, and there are no filters to replace.

They have made a difference in my boyfriend's seasonal allergies, but like I said, the full sized ones work, and the jr size and wall socket ones don't.

My boyfriend can really tell a difference in the rooms with the full sized units. They use very little electricity, like 10 watts or less. These are the only air purifiers I have owned other than the main filter for the house ventilation/air conditioning, which is just a plain old cheap filter.

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Feb 04, 2010
ionicpro Turbro
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe how well the ionipro Turbo works. We just got a puppy a few months ago and after a month or so I had bad allergy symtoms. Same as if I am around mold, bad cough, heavy chest. When around dust & cats I get runny nose, cough and itchy eyes and throat.
After one day with the ionicpro Turbo my symtoms were gone. I bought the 3 pac ( large, med, and car plugin)

I use the large one in where are Border Collie lives (in his Kennel, play area our family, kitchen, dining open room that is 35 ' by 30 ' and it works great. It needs to be cleaned every two weeks. I don't mind it is easy. I have to ground the blades on my steel pressure tank. My husband said I cannot ground the blades on my tap as suggested in the direction book because my tap is insulated. The directions could give more info on this. I would like to know what could happen if I touched the blades without grounding. Is it serious or just a shock.
I use the medium sized ionicpro Turbo in my bedroom. It is great my room sm ellsfresh and my husband noticed after the first night that I don't wake him up coughing when the furnace kicks in. I didn't know I was doing that. No wonder I was tired all the time.
The small unit is car plugin and it is amazing. I bought a 2nd hand van that I really like a few years ago. But we didn't like the smell and it now smells great. Fresh like rain.
I purchases my 3 set from Costco for $199 & tx (Can)
I am very happy that I did not have to find a new home for my daughters puppy who was 7lbs when we brought him home and is now 25lbs two months later. Life would just not be the same without him. Our family is very happy with Our ionicpro Turbo.

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