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Eureka Forbes Air Purifier

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The Air purifier was suggested to us by a family doctor,of course he never insisted a brand but then we had to get one because I suffer of asthma and had to be using an air purifier at home for the same.

The air purifier that we initially purchased was by the name Eureka Forbes. It is quiet famous as a company and are into a wide range of products.
In fact our vacuum and water purifier belong to the same brand too. I’m unsure of the model that we had purchased.

The technology that was explained to us was that this particular Air purifier had a plasma dust collector that would purify air to the best fractions. It did help in my staying stable with asthma.I loved this model. It was compact and portable and was less noisy. It has been about 7 years that it has been installed in our hallway.

However it should be specified that it has not really proven to help me with my asthma. I have not really recovered from the same. The air purifier gives us the meek confidence that we are breathing fresh air. It has neither been rated as a useful investment or a waste of money by my family members.

I have had a lot of service problems with the same. We never get the right technicians. We somehow feel that they do not know much about the service part of the product.Lately a sales person visited us as told us that there were more upgrading and that we could consider the latest options available.

It covers more warranty than the previous one. We are still considering the fact of investing on the latest.

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