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Eureka Forbes Euro Air Genius helps me with my dust allergy and asthma

by Sucheta
(Maharashtra, India)

I have been using Eureka Forbes Euro Air Genius from the last two years. After verifying all the brands and all the models available I selected this model as I liked its features very much.
It can be mounted on the wall and also can be placed on table top. The most important feature of this air purifier is that it has ultraviolet lamp that kills bacteria and germs present in the air.

Euro air Genius has a smart sensor system that thoroughly scans the air for dust, odour and pollution level. Thus it ensures that we get fresh air to breathe.

Before purchasing this air purifier I had severe dust allergy and asthma. Sometimes I used to become very serious and had to be hospitalized.
One of my friends suggested me to purchase an air purifier. After purchasing this air purifier and using it daily I don’t have any problems now as I get to breathe clean air every day.

Euro Air Genius kills airborne allergens and contaminants such as bacteria, mold, mildew, virus, pollen, dust and pet dander. This is my first air purifier as previously I didn’t have an air purifier. Till now I have not faced any problem with this purifier and I use it daily.

I have also not replaced any parts since my purifier was on company warranty and they used to provide me service. After my warranty I will give it on annual maintenance contract in which the entire care will be taken by the company including the servicing.I will definitely recommend this air purifier if anybody asks me.

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