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Eureka Forbe's Euroair 2000 Air Purifier

by Malini Sivasankaran
(Kerala, India )

Euroair 2000 of Eureka Forbes is one of the best brands of Air Purifier available in the World market because of its easy to use method, company’s after sales-service set up, quality and of course, the price benefit comparatively.

The number of air changes per hour – is 3.1 times for 4 M x 3M room with a dimension of 395 x 225 x 190mm. In addition to this, Eureka Forbes’ products are well acquainted in the world market and a majority of users are quite sure about its efficiency .

Secondly, they are using the world’s best technology. In Indian market, we have so many end users for this machine who are completely satisfied with the working of this product and now even middle class people started using this product as it helps to purify the polluted air thus preventing diseases due to allergies, asthma, etc.,

This is a very useful product in view of the impending global warming phenomenon. The cost of this product in Indian market is Rs. 6400/- which is quite affordable to the Indian people and the maintenance , electricity and other charges are very low as the company is designed this product specifically aiming the common people.

Though I have not used any such machine previously but on comparing the easy to use method, less maintenance & electricity charges, company’s efficient after-sales support and other factors, I am happy to be one of the owners of this product.

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Mar 12, 2016
Euro Forbes Euro2000 NEW
by: Anonymous

I have contacted at least 3 or more times for demo and they are not bothered for customers needs

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