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Euro Air 2000 Air Purifier

by Nagalaxmi
(Tamilnadu, India)

Euro Air 2000.Comprehensive Air Purification System to clean indoor air of all common pollutants, creating a clean, healthy & pleasant environment.

There are two Optional Filters Carbon Pre-filter + Hepa Type Filter or Washable Filter.This Unit is provided with both filters.

Electrostatic Filter Electrostatic Filter for enhanced capturing of micron and sub-micron pollutants Three Fan Speed Three Fan Speed is used to suit user's comfort.

Unit features a sleep mode position to enable quiet all night operation 4-Stage Purification System Stage 1: Option A - Carbon Pre-filter + Hepa Type Filter in one cassette.

Option B - A Washable Filter that contains 5 layers. Stage 2: Pre-Ionisation + Electrostatic Air Filtration.

Stage 3: Scent Emitter. Stage 4: Post Ionisation. I didn't get any allergies or asthma. I like its features and it is very comfort to use.

It has the Electrostatic Filter technology and there is no health problems while using it and it is very worth. Maintenance cost is lower only. Some low electricity only it consumes.

I didn't get any problems with this product. I am very well satisfied. I am owing this model for the past 2 years. This is the first purifier am using. Price 6400.00.Price too affordable cost.

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