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Euroair Geneus by Eureka Forbes

by Surama
(Kolkata India)

I have purchased a Euroair Geneus from Eureka Forbes 2 years back. There are many types of air purifier available in the market but I bought this particular brand as it is a very renowned one and I have been using their water purifier for the last 15 years.

The air purifier uses the smart sensor technology where the sensor detects any amount of dust or pollutants in the air. It has a very classy look and can be kept on the tabletop or wall mounted.

I have mounted it on a wall so that it is fixed and cleans the indoor air giving us a fresh and healthy atmosphere to breathe.

I have been suffering from dust allergy since many years. The reason being if I do dusting in the house or clean the carpets and spider webs then immediately I have severe allergy and breathing problems.

I was advised by my doctor to install an air purifier at home and use it regularly. It is very difficult to see the dust and pollens in the house regularly with the naked eye. So even if I was avoiding dusting and cleaning, I still used to suffer .

The noise level of Euroair Geneus air purifier is very less.The filter area is very large so it lasts long and needs cleaning only when it is dirty. It also has an ultraviolet lamp that kills bacteria and other organisms.

I am satisfied with the customer service. The company has an annual maintenance contract for which I am registered by paying a small amount.
So the company automatically sends their representatives to service the air purifier. This is the first air purifier that I have owned and I am very satisfied by using it.

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