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Gama 501 Ionic Pro Air Purifier "Reviewed"

by Raji
(Bangalore, India.)

I own Gama 501 Ionic Pro Air Purifier. Air Purifier In today's world where the environment is so polluted and all kind of allergies and flu's are always in the air you need a air purifier and i own one myself.

I live in India and every day there is new air born sickness found and i have two kids one is a toddler and the other is an infant. They are so vulnerable to any order and as they are very little they are more immune to getting sick.

My Purifier has made my life less of worries on health as my children dint get flu or cough like other children normally do. And the best part i love in it is that it got fiber filter which removes the odor and improves the cleanliness in the air.

This purifier helps me too a lot as am an asthmatic and i can normally breath when there is lot of dust this air purifier helped me to take less medication and i don't sneeze as much i used to do. The mo to of this company is what attracted me to buy it in first place, "Prevention is better than cure.

Breath better, sleep better and add years to your life.” Another advantage of this purifier is that it oxidants the bacterial cells and makes them inactive that makes my kids health more safe. And this air purifier does not make much noise as others do that helps my little ones to sleep undisturbed.

This air purifier"Gama-501" is superb and its the first one i bought and i have it from last one year and couple of months. All my friends and family members compare theirs air purifier with mine and they say Gama-501 is much better than theirs. I am happy and content with my air purifier.

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