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Holmes Personal Space Air Purifier (HAP114Z)

by Jose

I own a Holmes Personal Space Air Purifier (HAP114Z).

According to the owner’s manual, it uses an Ionizer as it’s filtration technology.An ionizer sends out ions (atoms with either a positive or negative charge) which cling to positively-charged particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, etc. and traps the particles in the filter.

The unit is small, and I bought it mainly because it was the least expensive at Wal-Mart. I had just moved into a new apartment, in an older building, and wanted something to help suck away the dust that I was stirring up by cleaning, well, dust.

I’ve had it since last November (so, 10 months), and have changed the filter twice. I bought a few filters when I bought the unit, and don’t remember the price offhand, but I believe they ran about 5 or 6 dollars each.They last for several months, depending on how much you run the purifier. I tend to run it for at least an hour or two each day – it catches a lot of dust, so I know it’s working.

Since it’s a “personal” sized purifier, it doesn’t draw any more energy than a normal desk fan. So there are no issues with using a lot of extra electricity.However, in this place I need a bigger one – can’t say this was a waste of money but for my purposes I should have spent more. Maybe if we had one of these in each room it would work better!

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