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Holmes Standup Model Air Purifier

by Serena
(Washington, USA)

I own a Holmes air purifier. it does not have a model number on it but is a standup model approx. 15 inches tall. It runs constantly and has for over a year.

The filters are more expensive than i would like, so i end up cleaning out the filter that came with it instead of replacing it with a new one, which i would prefer to do.

I am going to be buying another air purifier to go with this one because i am a smoker and a pet owner and prefer that my pets are not exposed to much smoke.

I do notice a difference using the air purifier but not as much as i would like. i am going to be looking for one that is stronger and can clean the air more efficiently.It will probably be another Holmes though as they are not that expensive and i am on a limited income.

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