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Honeywell #13520

by Peggy
(Michigan, USA)

I own a Honeywell model #13520 air purifier. It has been a big help to our family for many reasons. I personally struggle with chemical sensitivities and react to things like smoke, paints and new carpet smells.

My husband has allergies to pets, pollens and dust. Between us there is great need for both filtration and purification.

We have had a Honeywell for many years now because it has both a HEPA filter, which filters out small particles like pollens, dust and even smoke, and an activated carbon filter, which clears the air of VOCs (volatile organic componds) a must for those who are chemically sensitive.

I would highly recommend this filter because it does a great job. Our home is a refuge for us, a place where we can get a break from the sneezing and chronic reactions to our increasingly toxic environment.

I am grateful for the effectiveness of this purifier however there are some draw backs. It is recommended that the HEPA filter is replaced every 6 months and a replacement filter can cost as much as fifty dollars.

The whole unit cost us less than one hundred when we bought it and the filters seem to be disproportionately costly. It is also big and bulky and difficult to move from room to room.

The biggest drawback though is the noise. If not placed on a hard surface it vibrates and rattles and even on a low setting the fan noise disrupts conversation.

All in all the drawbacks are worth the fresh air and comfort of having an air purifier. Our Honeywell has never had problems.

We have purchased more so that we don't have to move them around the house. It is both reliable and effective.

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Apr 03, 2011
No local replacement filters.
by: Anonymous

I also have a Honeywell 13520 and love it. Yes it is noisy but I like it and it helps me sleet better. Only problem, I cannot find filters locally.

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