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Honeywell 17005 Series Air Cleaner

by Joe Hill
(Phoenix, AZ USA)

The brand and model number of my air cleaner is Honeywell 17005 series. I like the fact that it is programmable, and had different modes.

I set it to turn on in the morning and off at night. It really sucks the dust in to the filter. The kind of filtering technology my unit uses is both a hepa filter and a pre filter.

This is not a waist of money feel the room I use it in is drastically less stuffy and it has helped with my asthma too. The maintenance cost would be around $18.00 if you replaced the pre filter, but I just vacuumed it.

It dose good on power too. I am 100% satisfied the company even sent me a manual free (I got the purifier free from a 2nd hand store that cant sell air cleaners).

I have never had one before and it makes a difference. I have never had any problems with the air cleaner.

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