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Honeywell Air Cleaner

by Tawny
(California, USA)

I own a Honeywell air cleaner. I like that the filter is cleanable by vacuum, so I save money by not having to buy replacement filters. And i got this particular model because my mom bought it for me due to my allergies - It has a filter at the front that's a blackish spongey thing that is vacuumable. I think it's helped with my allergies, but I take benadryl often due to an allergic reaction to... something (not in the air) so i can't be absolutely sure. But i do notice that a lot of dust collects in the filter when i go to vacuum it so I take that as a positive sign!

I do wish that it would purify more airspace, though. Even with it running on high all day and night my desk and dresser still accumulate constant layers of dust shortly after dusting.

It's pretty cheap and the maintenance is zero as i don't have to replace anything and the electricity is pretty cheap, too.I'm relatively satisfied, though my room is still pretty dusty. I still wish it'd cover more air space.I previously had a Brookstone ion air purifier which didn't purify much air at all So I am more happy with my Honeywell as it purifies more air space than the previous one.

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