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Honeywell Air Cleaners 17400

by Pat
(Ohio USA)

I have 2 Honeywell Air Cleaners 17400.

I like that it keeps the air in the bedrooms clean and crisp while I sleep. We do have trees outside our windows and if I leave the windows open and run the air cleaner I don't wake up with a congestive head.

The filters are Hepa and cost around $30.00, they wrap around the inside of the machine where the fan is. It also collects any dust or particles in the air. When i first got them I thought what a waste of money and then when I opened the machine and saw the filter I was amazed at the dirt and hair that was on the filter. So I was hooked and couldn't be happier.

It has not made much of a difference in our electric bills. I like it so much that i bought one for my son, who has a dog and he noticed the difference in the freshness in his small apartment. No more doggy odor.

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