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Honeywell Air Purifier 16200.

by Sonia G
(San Jose, California)

I do own a Honeywell air purifier model number 16200 and cannot live without one! I had no choice when I bought this air purifier, they were all mostly sold out and this model and brand was the only one left that I recognized.

I really like this air purifier because of it’s features and it does a terrific job cleaning the air around me. I had to buy an air purifier after using an air humidifier because I was diagnosed with bronchitis pneumonia. Since it takes so long to recover from pneumonia, I keep my Honeywell air purifier on all the time. It has an odor-lock feature which helps me so much since I have rabbits and cats.

There is an electronic filter check reminder which helps to know when my purifier needs a new filter. There is a cool green night light on the purifier and it is not loud which is one feature I needed! There are three speeds and dual positions is a possibility with this air purifier!

I previously had another air purifier which was a brand that I did not know, it was extremely loud and did not provide me with “quality air”.

This air purifier has a 3 year limited warranty and ProTec Antimicrobial Treatment which was essential for my recovery. I have not noticed a rise in my electric bill and the filter is only about seven dollars to replace. I can honestly say that I am very satisfied with my Honeywell!

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