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Honeywell Enviracaire True HEPA Air Cleaner 17000

by Kristina
(USA, Missouri)

We own a Honeywell Enviracaire True HEPA Air Cleaner 17000. I brought it in October 2008, as our former air filter choked up and died. Our former air filter was a Holmes with replaceable filters. The filters cost approximately $30.00 for a twin pack. Each filter needed to be replaced about every 3 months. The filter lasted about a year and a half.

I bought the Honeywell air cleaner as it had a washable permanent HEPA filter and replaceable pre-filters, which are relatively cheap. Since October, I've only replaced the pre-filter once - in March 2009. This filter boasts a permanent HEPA 99.97% + Germ Reduction filter.

I had heard that Honeywell was a good brand and it also helped that it was on sale. It took me about 15-20 minutes in the store comparing air filters and I really felt that this was the best choice for us. And...I was right. My husband smokes cigarettes in our master bathroom, so this air filter is in the master bedroom. Since I have allergies and asthma, this filter has really helped eliminate many of the symptoms I have had. We usually run it on "Medium", but when my husband is home and smoking the the bathroom, I turn it to "High", until an hour after he goes to bed. Then, I'll turn it back to "Medium". The result is that the smoke gets filtered pretty well and I don't have to smell it.
Having asthma, I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke and try to avoid it at all costs. Since my husband has been smoking for over 40 years, I can't very well avoid him! Since our two dogs sleep in our bedroom, also, I think the air purifier has helped them breathe easier, too! Plus, the filter helps with pet dander and dust mites.

I feel that the bedroom is an ideal room to place an air filter since we spend so much time in it. We have not had any problems with this air filter, as it seems to handle the air in our 13x17 ft. bedroom extremely well.

The costs are minimal to run. I bought a package of pre-filters for $8.00 and still have another filter left in the box. So far, we're very pleased with the costs of the filter, which are low, and the performance. Also, the "shushing" noise it makes helps me fall asleep easier.

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