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Honeywell Enviracare air cleaner

by Linda
( Missouri USA )

About 15 years ago I remarried and moved from an older home into a slightly newer one where the previous owner had been a heavy smoker. I soon began having problems breathing. I have severe allergies and asthma and my doctor recommended several things that might help me.

First, he suggested putting hypoallergenic coverings over my mattress and pillows.

But when that failed he suggested an air purifier. I purchased a Honeywell Enviracare air cleaner with a Heppa filter. Within a matter of a few days I experienced relief from the nightly wheezing and before long I stopped coughing as well. I used my first Honeywell air cleaner for over seven years.

It was on continuously and the only real expense was the filter which needed to be changed every three months. For all the relief it gave me I didn’t care how much that filter cost because it was worth every penny. When that unit stopped one day I decided that with seven years of use it had more than paid for itself and I went out that same day and purchased another slightly larger Honeywell Enviracare air cleaner.

If I have any complaint at all about the Honeywell, and this may have been corrected in newer models, is the noise it makes, even on the lowest setting. I’ve very accustomed to it now and, in fact, if it gets turned off accidentally I can’t sleep. I’m very well satisfied with this product and would buy another one if I needed it.

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