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Honeywell Hepaclean HHT-011 Air Purifier

by Jenny
(U.S.A. )

We purchased a Honeywell Hepaclean HHT-011 air purifier. My primary reason for purchasing this unit was the price as well as the size / overall footprint.

We've owned several air purifiers and haven't really had problems with any of our previous models, so a comparison of quality between air purifiers didn't factor into my purchase. We have cats, and getting a filter / purifier for each room of the house was important in order to keep down the amount of cat hair and dander down.

Any air purifier makes a noticeable difference in a room's air quality, but our hepaclean has consistently out performed our Holmes brand filter. The hepaclean has distinguished itself from our other filters in several ways. First, the filters are much easier to clean than those on our Holmes filter. Using a can of compressed air, I can re-use the filters more frequently than my other purifier. The washable portion of the filter is larger on the hepaclean. The hepaclean also has a more powerful motor, with four power settings as opposed to the three on my Holmes, allowing it to pull more and and filter a larger room.

My biggest complaint with the Hepaclean air purifier is the amount of noise the unit makes. When placed side by side with our Holmes filter, the hepaclean would drown out the Holmes. Even set at half power, the hepaclean was louder than the Holmes at full power. We're using it in a baby's room, so the additional white noise isn't all that detrimental, but in a 'regular' room the noise would be a problem. We will probably move this filter into the living room or dining room at some point.

Overall however, I'm happy with the honeywell hepafilter. It fulfills the role we've laid out for it, though the noise it makes is certainly a fault.

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