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Hunter brand air purifier

by Jen
(United States)

I have owned a Hunter brand air purifier for the past 2 years; I purchased it because my son has struggled with asthma since he was an infant.

It recently stopped working, unexplainably which I am understandably not happy about. I spent about $100 when I originally purchased this purifier, the replacement filters were about $45 each time; I replaced religiously every 6 months.

I will say that in terms of energy efficiency, I cannot tell you that I noticed an increase in my electric bill and it was kept running in his bedroom almost around the clock.

It did not meet my expectations at all though, it lasted only 2 years and there is no warranty anymore for it. I have not purchased a replacement and my son has shown no negative side effects as a result.

I think that these units are more about piece of mind?I think it was actually a waste of money. I bet that it would be more effective to spend money buying high quality air filters for my furnace every month, which is what I intend to do at this point.

I no longer buy into the effectiveness of these HEPA air filters etc. Keeping a clean house, dusting regularly etc and changing furnace filters every 30 days is a much better asthma/clean air plan in my opinion. Wish I could have my $100 back from Hunter!

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