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Hunter QuietFlo 85 Air Purifier # 30085

by Emily

I have Hunter QuietFlo 85 Air Purifier # 30085 This air purifier is wonderful, because it has three speeds and an ionizer. I have had this purifier for 3 years and it works wonders to clean out stale air.

I run it at night and since I have used the purifier have noticed I breathe better at home. There are two filters that need replacing depending on how often you run it and for how long.

I have not encountered any problems with this filter - it was the perfect purchase! It is the first filter I have owned and was worried it would be an eye sore, but is not noticeable and small enough to "hide" behind a piece of furniture.

This style requires a specific size filter and I have found that it is not sold in all stores. However, it is available at Menard's, which has convenient locations all over the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

I purchased the filter when I lived in a condo and a tenant moved into the building who liked to smoke in their unit. I am a non-smoker and could not stand the cigarette smell, so got the filter and it cleaned out my units air very well!

While I lived in the condo I was changing the filter more frequently. Now as I live in a non-smoker single family home, I still use the filter at night and it helps me to sleep well.

If the noise of the fan is too loud on level three, I turn it down at night to level 1, or 2 and it isn't very noticeable. I would recommend this filter to everyone and anyone who wants to live in cleaner air that has allergy or breathing problems.

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