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Ionic Breeze 3.0 Air Cleaner

by Laurel
(Louisiana, USA )

My husband and I bought an Ionic Breeze 3.0 about three years ago. My husband suffered from allergies and with three cats in the house, it was adding to his troubles.

The one we bought was a floor model and at $200, which was at least $50 off the original price, was a great deal. At first, I was kind of skeptic about how well it would work, or if it would even make a difference.

That first night, my husband slept much better and I noticed that the air actually felt cleaner and, believe it or not, even smelled cleaner. Over the next few weeks, my husband's allergy related headaches became less and less frequent.

Upon cleaning the Ionic Breeze, it was clear to see why. You wouldn't believe how much dander and hair it pulled out of the air. One of the features that I like about my Ionic Breeze 3.0 is that when the filter gets full, it starts to make a "rustling" type noise which lets you know that it's time to clean it.

As for how to clean it, it's a pretty simple and non-messy process. We simply had to pull the metal filter out and rinse it off with water, then dry it and replace.Other than cleaning the filter out weekly, or more depending on your home, it requires no other maintenance. I have never replaced my Ionic Breeze and still use this model, especially since we had our first child a year ago.

It really improves the quality of the air and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an air purifier.

I could not be more satisfied with this product.I never thought I'd be one of those people raving about their Ionic Breeze, but I acutally love this product and believe that it's worth every penny, especially for someone who suffers from allergies, wether pet related or otherwise.

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