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Ionic Breeze Silent Air Purifier# W 50S1730

by Chin
(Duluth Georgia.)

I have an Ionic Breeze Silent Air Purifier. The model number is W 50S1730 AC 110V 28/60Hz. It was bought from E bay one and half year ago and I have not encountered any problem so far.

The filtering technology probably is called electrostatic precipitation. It has helped remove my pet's odor and tobacco smell very well.

My allergy is also getting better. On top of that, this air purifier has germicidal ultraviolet to kill or reduce bacteria and germs.

The air purifier is easy to clean just using damp cloth or sponge to wipe the dust from the grid and blade which means no filter replace required.

I do really see a lot of dust on the blade when I want to clean it. I run my air purifier 24/7 but my electric bill doesn't increase dramatically.

I am very very satisfied with this air purifier compare to my previous one. My previous air purifier was also bought from ebay and it is totally a wast of money.

Although the seller claimed that it has a build-in "ionic technology" and UV ultraviolet light, it didn't remove my dog's odor and my boy friend's tobacco smell at all after I keep it running for one month.

Another drawback is that the fan of my old air purifier made a lot of noise. It collected dust but not purified air. The brand name of my old air purifier I recall is called IONIC UV AIR PURIFIER.

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