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Ionic Breeze

by Sandra
(Maryland, USA)

My one and only air purifier is an Ionic Breeze. Not sure on the model number but this one didn't come with the germ sanitizer; it is just a normal air purifier.

I love that there is no filters to replace which keeps the cost just to the initial purchase. It is also very quite because it uses the ionic technology to move the air through the filter.

We have a lot of dust in our house because we have two cats and a dog. My husband and I only have minor allergies and I feel like the Ionic breeze really removes a lot of dust and dirt in the air. We originally had it in the room we have our litter box and even though it probably caught a good amount of litter dust, it didn't help our allergies. Since we moved it to our bedroom, we have not gotten any morning stuffiness that we used to get. And it is obvious how much it takes out of the air when you clean it.

I have encountered a noise problem. I'm not so sure if it's a sort of alarm but there is an annoying humming when it is time to clean the filter. I have owned this for 3 years now. I have never had any problems with it other then the noise which goes away when you clean it.

I would like to have another in the future. They are pretty pricy which is the sole reason I have not made another purchase. Having said that, I think this was a well spent purchase.

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