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Ionic Pro Air Purifier TA-500

by Stefen
(Ohio, USA)

I have an Ionic pro air purifier the model number is TA-500.

What I like about it is the filtering system. I don't have to purchase new filters everytime it gets dirty and it really picks up alot. The filter is stainless steel so when it gets dirty I can just wipe off the blades and when it's really bad, all I have to do is pop it out put it in some soap and water.Make sure it's dry completely then pop it right back in.

What attracted me to this brand is because of the easy clean filter and the fact that it picks up pollen, smoke, dust, allegrens, bacteria. That was really important, especially with small children in the house, you want it to be as clean and safe as possible.

It's very quiet except when it gets pretty dirty then the light turns from blue to red letting you know it's time for a cleaning and it makes the sizzling sound.It's very low maintenance and I haven't seen a rise in our electric bill since I purchase it. I have had it for three years the bigger unit is in the den, but I have smaller plug in version in the bedrooms and bathrooms that you just plug directly into the socket.

When you enter the room you can smell the fresh clean smell. I rather smell that and know it's making the air better to breathe then one of those air freshen purifiers.You really can tell the difference when I have had it off for a extended period of time. The room has a odor and it's not fresh like it usely is.

So I do think it makes a difference. Even how we sleep I think because it do so much we do sleep better at night because of it.

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