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Ionic Pro Air Purifier

by Candice

I was looking for a "non filter" air purifier, and I found the Ionic Pro air purifier at our local shopping center.

The box said it offered quiet operation and filter-less air cleaning and both are extremely true. When it is operating, it make absolutely no noise at all.

However, after operating the unit for one week, the stainless steel blades are coated with all kinds of black stuff. The coolest thing is that after using simple soap and water, the blades are ready for duty once again with no costs associated with it.

I have noticed that our house smells fresher and cleaner, and odors tend to disappear much faster than before. I was obviously skeptical because it just seemed too good to be true. No noise, no filters to buy, and simple operation.

I can honestly say that after three years in our home, we have had no problems with this unit at all and it is still working perfectly today.

One of my favorite features is the high, medium and low settings on the unit. This allows me to use it in small or large rooms in my home.

If someone was looking for a great purifier with a reasonable one time cost, the Ionic Pro would be my first recommendation.

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