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Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier


  The Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier is a powerhouse among ionic air purifiers.

It is so effective and all-encompassing, that it is capable of removing not just one class of airborne pollutants within the household, but many of them with its patented-pending comprehensive filtering technology.

In fact, the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier is considered the benchmark of ionic air purifiers thanks to its exclusive Triple Action Technology.

Pros Of Ionic Pro Turbo

  • The Ionic Pro Turbo works extremely well on eliminating various household odors such as cooking and litter box odors, pet smells and more importantly, cigarette smoke odors.
  • The unit is extremely quiet. Customers love the fact that they can run the unit through the night, not be disturbed by it, and wake up to a room full of fresh clean smell.
  • The air purifier is easy to maintain and is very easy to clean.
  • The Ionic Turbo uses low electrical current of about 16 watts which saves money on electricity costs.

Cons Of Ionic Pro Turbo

  • The most reported negative aspect of the Ionic Pro Turbo is that the collection blades have to cleaned quite frequently, such as on a weekly basis. Some report that they have to clean the blades about every 2 days or so.
  • It has also been reported that the ionizer makes terrible crackling noises when large airborne debris such as pet hair hits the blades.
  • The LED light is very bright that you may end up looking to cover the brightness.
  • The Ionic Turbo produces ozone and the subsequent ozone odor at first.
  • Finding the replacement blades for the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier can be a bit difficult sometimes.

What does Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier offer its Users?

  • Filters And Technology Used

  • The difference between the Ionic Pro and Pro Turbo is that the Pro Turbo has the Triple Action Technology which is comprised of three purification levels, each with its own filtering technology designed to capture and eliminate a certain class of airborne contaminant.

    Ion Generator

    The first level of purification removes airborne contaminates and allergens as small as 1 micron such as pollen, dust, pet allergen, plant spores, mold, fungi and even tobacco smoke. These contaminants contribute to allergies and asthma attacks.

    The ion generator works by negatively charging the positive charged airborne contaminants which then gets collected on the positive charged collection blades. This process effectively removes solid airborne contaminants and allergens from the air.

    Germicidal Chamber

    The second level eradicates dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and even staph and strep bacteria, all responsible for illnesses that can occur in the family.

    The patented-pending germicidal chamber within the Ionic Pro Turbo actually kills bacteria and germs on contact. The chamber contains a UV germicidal lamp that zaps harmful microorganisms out of the incoming air. This feature is great to help boost the immune system for people who have the tendency to get sick often due to airborne germs.

    Oxygenplus Filter

    The third level, utilizing the exclusive OxygenPlus filter apparatus, absorbs ozone pollution and converts it into clean, pure oxygen. The filter also absorbs odors that the ion generator and the germicidal chamber cannot do.

    But the Triple action technology is not the only pioneering attribute featured on the Ionic Pro Turbo. This premium machine includes other novel features as well that together, provide the cleanest, healthiest, breathable air possible.

  • Performance
  • The Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier is capable of purifying air in medium to large-sized rooms, up to 500 sq. ft.

    It also is capable of moving 300% more air than similar ionic air purifiers which means that a room will be completely purified at a much more faster rate than normal. In fact, the Ionic Pro Turbo can capture 99.9% of airborne germs in a standard size room (10’ x 12’ x 8’) in less than 1 hour.

    With so much power and abilities, the Ionic Pro Turbo is almost completely silent because there is no noisy fans or motors to disturb the peace. In fact, it is so quiet that it is hard to tell if the unit is operating. The unit can be placed in bedrooms or the living room without having to be concerned about the noise.

    Unlike some ionic purifiers, the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifying system emits very low ozone emissions. It actually complies with the U.S. safety requirements for low ozone emission (less than 50 parts per billion) which makes this machine safe to use.

  • Economical
  •   Because of its innovative filtering technologies (Ion Generator, Germicidal Chamber and OxygenPlus Filter), there are no costly filters to replace which saves you money.The only filter that needs changing are the collection blades every 2 years or so and that costs just around $ 30 usd. The Ionic Pro Turbo utilizes an ergonomically designed collection blade that captures contaminates as they flow through the charged blade.

    Another energy-saving feature is that the Turbo uses the same amount of energy as a nightlight. This preserves energy and saves on the power bill.

  • Ease Of Use
  • The Ionic Pro Turbo 1-touch simple push button operation makes it extremely simple to operate. Just touch the desired button and off you go. The machine will do the rest.

    The front-loading collection blade is easy to remove for simple cleaning. Just wash with soap and water, let it dry and put it back in place.

    When the Ionic Pro Turbo needs to be cleaned, the clean indication light will blink red, alerting you to the situation.

    It takes very little time and effort to keep the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier in proper working conditions.

  • Maintenence Requirements
  • The manufacturer highly recommends that the Ionic Pro Turbo be kept maintained on a regular basis to keep it in top working condition. The collection blades and the internal ionizing wires need to be cleaned on monthly basis; even more if the unit is in heavy use, if there is excessive noise or the red cleaning light comes on.

    After cleaning the collection blades with soap and water, they must dry completely for 24 hours before placing them back into the machine. If there is some moisture left on the blades when reinserted back into the unit, it could damage the air purifier. The OxygenPlus filter can be cleaned just by vacuuming it on a regular basis.

  • Price And Warranty
  • Depending on the retailer, the Ionic Pro Turbo is priced on average $180. It also comes with a limited one-year warranty.

    The collection blades can be replaced by ordering from the manufacturer’s website at Ionic Pro or by calling 1-800-875-8577. The price of the replacement blades is around $30.

  • Additional Features
    • Three Button Operation
      • Low – most cost-effective setting. Ideal for medium-sized rooms
      • Med – for medium to large-sized rooms
      • High – maximum output for medium to large-sized rooms
    • Collection Blade Clean Indicator Light – turns red when it is time to clean the collection blades.
    • Wire Cleaning Indicator Light – turns red when it is time to clean the internal ionizing wires.
    • Unit Dimensions: 8”W x 8”D x 27”H. Weight: 13 pds.
    • Color: Black
The bottomline is that the Ionic Pro Turbo seems to be effective ionic air purifier capable of cleaning indoor household air of various pollutants and odors with minimum expense on maintenence.

Our job at is to constantly reasearch air purifiers and monitor the prices and discounts available on them, helping you to concentrate on finding the best air purifier to suit your needs.

The best price we could find on the Ionic Pro Turbo air purifier on the net is (click on this link to be taken to the suppliers website)

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