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Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier

by Zoroastro
(Florida, USA )

I have the Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier I like that it is a tower, it looks like a fan but also an air purifier, it looks good in any place you put it.

I bought it to purify my room; sometimes I put it in the living room area or the kitchen. It uses an Air Ionizer no filter to replace, I just wash the ionizer and I’m ready to go right away.

It has helped a lot with my allergies, I´m allergic to pollen and dust, and in the spring and summer I usually get sick a lot, this baby collects most of the air particles and flushes out clean air.

There is no filter cost at all you just have to wash it, the energy costs are low compared to other air purifiers. No problem at the time I haven´t had the need to call for support or to complain about my product.

I fell very satisfied with my purifier, I´m even thinking about buying another one to keep it in the living room. It´s been a year since I bought it, I haven´t had any before this, is my first one.

I imagine that this technology is very efficient since it doesn’t need filter replacement or require any special maintenance, you just clean the filter and go.

This is my first one, I was very spectacle about air purifiers, but it turn out I was wrong, I don’t know about the other types, but I can tell you that this one was worth it.

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