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IQ Air Hyper Hepa air purifier machines gives off a strange smell...

by Teresa
(Mississauga, Ontario (Canada))

For starters, the salesperson gave us a brochure on IQ Air Hyper Hepa air purifier machines, and didn't mention what model we have.

I now look at the website, and it looks like there are so many models. Sadly, the company doesn't even put a label on the actual model so that we know what model we have.

It is odd. We paid just over 1000 dollars for this model, because it was promoted as the best by the salesperson of course, for my sons severe allergies.

After showing us that this model can kill off dust and particles down to the smallest particle, we thought that it was a good choice for my son. Now, I don't even know what model we own.

I recommend that the company put some sort of label about the model number on the actual case and the box so that consumers know which one they have purchased. They all look the same, or similar, so how do you actually know which one you are getting? Not good.

Secondly, we have had this model for approximately one month now, perhaps less, and it id starting to give off a really odd chemical odour. I slept in my son's room last night, because I was concerned about this smell.

I woke up with a headache. My little boy said that he didn't notice the smell. What is that smell? I don't believe that off-gassing has suddenly happened one month after having the actual machine.

On a positive note, I have noticed that there isn't as much dust on the floor as with the previous hepa filter that was in my son's room.

The other one was a very noisy one, and we now keep that one in our room, and have this quiet one in my son's room.

I also like that it has 6 settings, so that I can put it on high (6) during the day, and lower (2) at night, so that it is quieter.

Still...I am concerned about that odd chemical smell coming from the IQ Air Purifier. I would love to have someone explain what that is all about.

Is that a sign that I need to change the filter or something? I also wish that the company would put some sort of label on it so that we would actually know which model we have purchased.

The outside box called it the IQ Air Health Pro Plus, but there was no code number about the series, like the 100 or 250 or 300 or whatever.

Otherwise, we are happy with it. Will look into the smell issue.

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Nov 17, 2017
Sweet smell from IQAir or any other carbon filter NEW
by: Hamlik

My original IQAir had the same issue. After a few weeks it started to smell weird (what I describe as sweet perfume odor). I just assumed because it was in my girlfriend's room it might have picked up some perfume odor or something. I tried ozonation, sun and just running the machine in a different room on high for several days, but nothing helped.

I called IQAir had the carbon/gas filter replaced and the problem was gone.

Now I have the same issue with another carbon filter that I use in my experiments. I used an inline carbon filter to bring in air from the window; I wanted to filter out my neighbor's tobacco smoke odor (long story...). It worked for about a week, now it smells just like the IQAir used to.

After some research I found out that the most likely issue is "Formaldehyde, and its cousin, Acetaldehyde" take a look at this article:

What can we do about it? You need to remove the source of toxins from your home. Bring in fresh air, as much as possible.

You can use this to monitor and set up fans and purifiers to help clean out your air. (

This isn't going to be an easy task and no one solution will work for all. Cleaning your air is a complex task and the only thing that air purifier companies are guilty of is making the task seem easy and plug and play type of a thing...

First remove/reduce all sources of gas/odor creating stuff. Everything from perfumes to furniture... etc.

Second, bring in clean air as much as possible.

Third, filter out your particles with a HEPA filter separate from your gasses. So just use a HEPA type filter by itself.

Fourth, have another filter just for gasses (read the article, they have good stuff in there)

OR you can just have a high end IQ Multigas filter with another HEPA filter nearby.

Understand that the "gas filter" needs to be replaced as frequently as every 60 days. So choose something within your budget or move to another location with less toxins in the air.

Finally, use automation. Automation is your friend. You can have IFTTT to automate the entire show and just have to replace your filter manually.

*side note: Your body is the best fitler... just eat clean vegetarian/vegan diet, exercise and stay away from tobacco, alcohol and other toxins. You'll be surprised how much toxins your body can take in and filter out without getting damaged permanently. Stressing over filtering your air will do much more dandage... So just do what you can to control the environment and keep your health in check inside out.

Jul 31, 2017
After using it for 10 years, I feel... NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been using it for almost ten years. I am not sure it is because of the sweet yeasty smell or not, I noticed there is some reaction to my body. The knuckle and ankle are painful, and there are some swollen there. I believe what IQ air claimed that it is harmless to human body. But, after a long term exposure to it for ten years, it is a safer way to see if it is harmless indeed.

Mar 05, 2017
IQ Air Odour Problem NEW
by: M Madera

I am extremely disappointed with IQ Air products and their customer care. I have purchased my IQ Air 250 from an official distributor. The first batch of filters that came with the unit worked great with no smell. After a year, I decided to replace all filters in the unit. I purchased a new set of filters from the same distributor. The unit now produced a very strong chemical odour that gave everyone in my family a headache. I have complained to the distributor and they've asked me to run the machine for a few days and the smell should go away. The smell didn't go away. They asked me to do an isolation test, which I did. All of the filters smelled bad, possibly because they absorbed some of the smells from the V5, which smelled the worst. When I contacted the distributor again, they ignored my emails. I had to contact the consumer watchdog. They got in touch with the distributor and they have since tested the filters and replaced the V5 filter. The other filters still produce a smell. They have tested the filters and stated they no longer produce a smell. This is not true and I have raised this issue with them. I regret ever buying IQ Air products. I have contacted IQ Air directly and they've told me that it doesn't concern them.

Jan 24, 2017
Funny Smell from HealthPro 250 tracked down NEW
by: Anonymous

I have recently taken delivery of a HealthPro 250, and I've been running it in my living room. I found I was coughing, which puzzled me as this is supposed to be one of the best air purifiers on the market.

I tracked down the cause to the HyperHepa filter. I have a temporary solution, which is to swap around the HyperHepa and the V05 Carbon filter so the air passes through the HyperHepa first and before passing through the carbon filter, the idea being that the carbon filter will remove any odour from the HyperHepa. On the limited test I have done, this seems to work, but the filters can't be swapped around like this, the machine doesn't reassemble correctly.

I'm not sure what the answer is. I can't ventilate the room where the HealthPro 250 is located, but that's the room I need to filter the air.

There is nothing in the manual about this issue and whether this is normal, and what action to take.

Oct 29, 2016
Yeasty smell not HEPA NEW
by: Anonymous

I just got the GC Gas purifier from IQAir. From the moment we turned it on, it gave off a sweet yeasty smell. It concerns me that you don't go nose blind to it, and I am wondering if it is toxic. We tested the HEPA filter alone, without the round, gas filters and there was no smell. It was only once we added back in the 4 round gas filters that the smell came back. I would feel much better if we knew WHAT the smell was to know if it was toxic. Would be odd to pay $170 for an air quality test to be sure a $1200 purifier is not toxic. IQair said they would refund our money, but I would really like to know what the issue is that is causing the smell. If we do return it, we will try the Austin purifier since it uses a different medium. (FYI, we are in a 2 year old house with all new furniture, and I am suspecting formaldehyde, VOCs and maybe benzene off gassing and causing us to not feel well.)

Aug 28, 2015
Smell with IQ Air NEW
by: Dr. Charles T. Scialfa

I have experienced odor problems with my IQAir Health Pro Plus, problems which began at purchase (November, 2014) and persisted after considerable use. I called IQAir today, after reading other entries on this page.

They asked me to do an "isolation test", which involves (a) running the unit in an odor-free, enclosed space with neither the HEPA nor V-5 Cells in the unit and then (b) adding these two components INDIVIDUALLY and repeating step (a). I did this. The odor seems to be isolated to the V-5 Cell, the Odor and Gas filter, at least in my case.

To their credit, IQAir said they'd replace it free.

Feb 25, 2015
Smell NEW
by: Ray

It's strange that after many years of those comments, IQ Air didn't fix the smell issue. I have bought last week IQ air pro 250 which is supposed to be the best air purifier in the market. I did get the smell issue after few days of using it. I can't use it anymore. Reading those comments below, it is strange that the company didn't work on fixing the problem after more than 4 years! It says a lot. What a loss!

Nov 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

I agree with the comments. Our unit is new, and it gives off a very strange odor...a bit like ozone or a yeasty smell. We have already replaced the carbon filter and are still having this problem. We are ready to take our unit back.

Aug 21, 2011
Why the Health Pro Plus has an odour
by: Len Milford

The glue used to make the hyper hepa filter is the sweet smell
given off . It is totally non toxic , and will disappear after a short period of time . It is absolutely nothing to be concerned about . The Health Pro Plus was the correct choice for you family

May 27, 2011
It could be the V5-cell
by: Randall

I recently got a HealthPro Plus and it had a pretty strong odor that would not go away. I took all three filters out and ran the unit - zero odors. Then placed each filter in there by itself and ran the unit. Each filter had an odor, even the carbon filter, which was the strongest. Apparently, while stored in the box, the HEPA filter imparted odors to the carbon filter and to the prefilter. Then when I unpacked the unit and fired it up, the carbon filter probably picks up more odors from the prefilter. IQAir was very good about trying to get the bottom of the problem. They sent me all three filters! The odor problem was solved when I changed the V5-cell carbon filter. The odors from the HEPA and prefilter continually get lower and are so low now that I only notice it if my nose is right up to the grill.

IQAir should probably not ship the HealthPro Plus with the carbon filter inside, but they probably know that now.

I would think that whenever you replace the prefilter, it would be good to temporarily take out the carbon filter so the odors won't be absorbed by the V5-cell. It's not in the documentation, but I'm going to do that from now on.

Jan 01, 2011
my IQAir story
by: Allergy Sufferer

I also have a HealthPro Plus air purifier. IQAir has several models of air purifiers but the HealthPro Plus is the most popular because it has the gas & odor filter along with the HyperHEPA cleanroom filter. I've done extensive research on IQAir because I live next to one of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles and have a 4 year old little girl that suffers from allergies. The HealthPro Plus has changed her life and now we no longer have to use her nebulizer twice a day, we've almost completely discontinued use. I know a very small percentage of people that have chemical sensitivities can detect an odor in the HealthPro Plus and it can usually be fixed by running the system on a high speed for a few hours but if the issue continues then IQAir will replace the filter with a new one at no charge. The smell is from the glue that they use in the filter and its completely non-toxic yet people don't expect to have their new air purifier create a smell, its supposed to filter odors right... I hope this info helps.

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