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Kent Ozone Air Purifier # T-100B

by Ronn

I have a Kent Ozone Air Purifier # T-100B. I had been using this air purifier for the last 3 months and I feel comfortable using it. The most attractive thing about it is that it is very compact and can be carried with us.

It uses the natures best oxidizing gas to disinfect the viruses and bacteria. It will also remove the bad smell from the room. When I went to the shop to buy an air purifier this was the only one towards which I was very much attracted.

It is because this is a compact device and also comparing it with the other purifiers its rate is cheap and also is cost effective. The main reason why I had bought this purifier is that my grand mother was suffering from extreme breathing problems.

Upon consultation with the doctor he said that this is because of the dust particles in the room. I immediately bought this purifier and started using it. I can see a lot of changes to my grand mother. She can breath well now. Thanks to Kent Ozone Air Purifier.

This was my first air purifier and I am very much satisfied with its performance. Even though I have heard of air purifiers I was not too interested. It might be because I was not aware of its importance.

I would also like to thank my grand mother for making my buy this wonderful product. I am a very happy and a peaceful customer of KENT and I look forward to hear new products from KENT.

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