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LG Freestyle Air Purifier

I own an LG Freestyle Air Purifier that I purchased for under $300. I purchased the unit because family members were coming for an extended visit and they are smokers. We are in a non-smoking household and my son has asthma so we were concerned about the affect smoke could have on his condition. I chose LG because of the relatively low price and I have come to trust their products from phones to TVs.

It uses the standard HEPA filter which is hand washable and under $15 to replace. I've been using my purifier for almost 2 years and have not replaced the filter yet - and the unit came with one extra filter. I have not noticed an increase in my electricity bill and I usually run the unitl 24 hours a day.

I'm very satisfied with the unit itself and there are special attachments that allow you to add room fragrances as well. I do not use the scented oils but do notice a fresh, clean scent when the unit is running. I also notice that the smells that used to sometimes waft from the kitchen trash have vanished as well as the wet, musty smell that occurred after a leak inside the bathroom wall.

I would certainly suggest the LG brand but the Lifestyle model is most sufficient for a small to medium size area. We use it throughout the home because it is portable; but if you are looking for one unit to do a large area (more than 1500 square feet), this would probably not be the most suitable product.

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