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LG PS-MK450 Air Purifier

by Vijaya
(Hyderabad, India )

I own an air purifier of LG make. The model is LG PS-MK450, and it has got the 11 steps filter system.

37 Sq. m, Art cool Design, Dust Collect, Deodorization, Sterilization, Touch Control Pad (Graphic LED), Noise Min 15 Max 46dbB, 11Step Filtration, I love this air purifier because when I enter the place where i out my air purifier I feel like I came to heaven. I forget all my worries and simply enjoy it.

Even the benefits of the product specializes the NPI Sterilization which Exterminates airborne viruses, bacteria, mold & sterilizes air through 1 million (Plus & Minus Ions).

And overall when the maintenance part comes it got a very simple maintenance and even the power bills are reasonable.

Am a nature lover and i stay in a city where in pollution and all types air pollution, vehicular pollution cannot be avoided, so i love having one air purifier and previously I owned 2 air purifiers of one eureka Forbes make and the other of Kent make, but to some extent these didn’t give me the happiness now which am enjoying with my LG's make.

Those were somewhat high in maintenance and also not satisfying as my new LG's does.

I personally experienced and recommend air purifier to the viewers also of this LG’s make, as i recommended to lots of my friends too which they are also enjoying the coolest experiences, they even thank me from saving them from the pollution which cannot be avoided in the city we live in.

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