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Not so Reliable Ionic Air Purifier

by Christopher

I have one of those ion air purifiers that i have bought off an add on TV and its not such a great deal as i thought. I keep it in my dusty room where it supposed to do it's job of purifying the air around it.

It supposedly uses ion technology to attract the particles in the air to one of the two metal plates inside the gray shell. Before, on a sunny day, when the rays of the sun come through my window, i could see many little floating specks of dust and yet after a month of having the ion air purifier its all still there.

One of the many reasons I bought the purifier is because I am allergic to dust mites. But oddly enough, the purifier doesn't seem to help that.

I tried to return it to the people i bought it from but i couldn't contact them. Sure, the air purifier looks great, smells great but it doesn't do what it says it will do.

Nor has my previous USB version that also supposedly takes impurities out with ion technology. I recommend not buying an ion air purifier but simply buy one that really does have a filter in it.

Instead of two bars of metal that makes a harmful, good smelling gas. The good smelling gas is called ozone, it kills your brain cells and is harmful to your lungs.

These ion air purifiers are actually decreasing the quality of the air. PLEASE don't be fooled by the misleading ads your see on TV.

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