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Philips Air Purifier

The Air purifier that I use is from Philips.It was quite cheap and the seller recommended me it.It uses a technology based on water.It's not a waste of money,it cleans the air very good.It doesn't costs much to maintenance it,it's very practical and convenience.

I haven't encounter any problems with it yet.It's my first air purifier,and I have it since last year.I bought it from Europe ,where i was on a holiday.The installation was a bit hard,because it's a bit complicated,but with the help of an engineer i did it.

I'm very happy because it has a remote,so i can set it from everywhere i want.I'm also happy that i hadn't any problems with it even if it's used very often,almost daily.

I'm always surprised when i smell the water from the tank,after an week of purifier,because it's an horrible smell,this is why I can say that it's a very efficient purifier.

The impurities in the air are not so many: cigarette smoke,dust,animal hair so I can't say if in anymore ''dirty'' environment it will be so efficient.

Also i guess that the pollution that comes in the house through the windows is ''absorbed'' by this filter,because living in NY means a very polluted life,and since I use the purifier I'm not having breathing problems anymore.

When my relatives saw what magnificent effects produce the purifier,they all bought the same model and they all use it and they are very happy of it.

I am also very happy of it and I am sure that i will use it until it'll break,and than I will buy the same model.It also made easy my life because now I can smoke in every room of the house without being worried that the air will be ''dirty''.

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Jan 13, 2011
Philips air purifier
by: Anonymous

which model did u use?

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