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Purepor Air Purifier

by Crystal
(Los Angeles, California)

I own the Purepor Air Purifier. I bought it from a friend. The Purepor was being sold on the home shopping network - I was experiencing itchy nose and throat - I notice a diffrence in my health after a few days of having the Purifier on overnight.

I live under the LAX flight path and I also have a dog and carpet througt out the house so the Purifier has kept some of the dust down not to metion the dog dander.

I have owned the system for about two years now I have yet to have any problems with it.The system self cleans as well. The Purepor Air Purifier is the first air purifier I have owned.

The only problem that I have with the system, it is somewhat nosiy and every now and then I hear a clicking noise. In the future I plan to buy another one for my bedroom.

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