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Sharp Plasma cluster Air Purifier - FU-888SV

by Sweety
(Andhra pradesh,INDIA.)

The Sharp plasma cluster air purifier is the best one for me among any other air purifiers that are available at the market.

Previously i had dust allergy and when I was cleaning i used to sneeze for many times and then my mom gave me an idea of buying an air purifier. I investigated on many products but this plasma cluster had really attracted me with its high quality features where it can clean up to 99.97% of dust and it had an excellent feature of fast cleaning with much power savings.

There are 3 filters inside it, where it cleans even a small dust particles and is with more patented technology.Now we are really getting the feel of being so close to the nature.

It has an automatic sensor with green lights, which indicate whether the air is clean or not. It not only cleans the air it also monitors and treats the air with much silence.Even if we are beside it, we cant notice its presence.

Not just this, it also make away from any pungent smells with its purifying smell.

The Sharp plasma cluster FU-888SV model comes with unique feature of triple air system where it can clean up the indoor air with in 30 seconds.

Another important thing is that it not only cleans dusty air but also pets dander's,mold spores and different smoking gases.This product is mainly invented for people with allergies and asthma.

The plasma cluster air purifier cleans the dust by using only limited amount of electrical energy.We bought it at $300 and up until now it is working perfectly without any fault .

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Jan 15, 2017
Remote control NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, does anyone knows where to purchase the remote control for sharp air purifier model fu-888sv. Thank you.

Oct 05, 2015
Replacement filters NEW
by: Anonymous


By any chance do you know where we can get replacement filters for the above mentioned model?

I am using 1 as well, extremely reliable and durable even it is a very old model.

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