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Sharper Image air purifier

by Jeanine
(Wisconsin, USA )

I have a Sharper Image air purifier; it was a gift from my father because I have horrible allergies and he was hoping it would relieve some of my symptoms.

It has three metal bands inside of it that collect the dust and particles in the air, and has a boost button on it to up its attraction power.

I have had it for about four years, and it does help with the allergy problem. It alleviates the itchy eyes and nose, and makes breathing easier.

I also like that it is slim so it is easy to store in a corner or along the side of a piece of furniture; it also has a decent length power cord so you can easily move it from a corner to more in the middle of the room.

It has never needed to go in for service, and I've never had to contact Sharper Image about any problems with it. I also like that my furniture doesn't need to be dusted as often when I use it.

The aspects of it that I don't like include: it's difficult to clean, it needs to be cleaned frequently, it can cause a metalic smell to the air, and when it needs cleaning it makes a noise that reminds me of one of the mosquito zappers.

I don't know if I would recommend this model to anyone else; I would definitely suggest purchasing one that is easy to clean on top of easy storage. This model only meets one of those criteria.

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