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Small Holmes Air Purifier

by Amanda
(Minnesota, USA)

I own a small Holmes air purifier. I like it because it drastically reduces the amount of dust in the room, and it also helps keep allergens out as well.

It uses a HEPA filter which is what a person would want if they are suffering from allergies. I was suffering from spring allergies, and I had been keeping my windows open during the day because the weather was so warm. I kept waking up with itching red eyes and in the morning it looked like I had no sleep. Then I bought the purifier and turned it on in the early evening and shut the window. After that I had no more problems.

I think the filters are relatively cheap to replace, perhaps $15.00, and it has a washable outer filter. This is the only air purifier I have ever owned, but it does it's just in a small room. I would recommend it to anyone who is on a budget (it costs $40 at Target). Possibly there are better ones on the market but if you only need it for a small room it is totally fine.Another thing I really enjoy about it is that it makes a white noise, but it is still quite soft.

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