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Choosing the Best Allergy Relief Air Purifier


  The best allergy relief air purifier can be a great benefit to your home, especially when you suffer from allergies to a heightened degree. The onset of an allergy attack can disrupt your entire day, making it difficult to do even the most basic functions.

This is why many people will look for the best allergy relief air purifier to make their homes a more functional location. Understanding which purifier may be the best match for your particular needs, however, will require a look at a number of different purifiers to determine what they offer.

By taking the time to examine a few different models of the best air cleaners available, you should be able to determine what some of the top qualifications needed are in your purifier.

This way, as you take the time to examine what these purifiers offer, you should begin to learn for yourself how to evaluate what a good air purifier is.

All of the best air purifiers for allergies will take a few areas into consideration. This will be:

  • The type of filter which is used
  • The type of allergens which are removed from the air
  • The area covered and the number of air changes given
  • How often filters need to be replaced to properly work
Once you can properly evaluate how purifiers work on those four basic levels, you should be able to determine a good model to use for your own home situation.

When you know where you will need to put your purifier and what type of allergies you are fighting, you will be able to make a wise purchase. Start your search by examining these best purifiers for allergies.

Best Allergy Relief Air Purifier Models

  • IQ Allergen 100 Air Purifiers

  • This IQ air purifier will give a high rate of purification by using micro-filters to help capture as many particles in the air before the HyperHEPA filter will take the rest of the allergens out of the air.

    This is good in an area of 900 square feet or smaller, meaning that you can give much of your house a great level of treatment with the Allergen 100. To increase the amount of air which is purified, running this model in a space of 290 square feet will give you 6 complete air changes in an hour.

    The HyperHEPA filter is a great choice because it takes traditional HEPA filtration and vastly improves it. When you use a HyperHEPA filter, you are taking 99.5% of all contaminates out of the air which are as tiny as 0.003 microns.

    Considering that a typical HEPA filter only removed particles of a 0.3 micron size, this purifier is obviously much more effective.

    The HyperHEPA filter is one which only needs to be replaced between 2 to 4 years, depending on how often you actually run the purifier. The pre-filters do need a more frequent replacement, between 6 to 18 months.

    When you consistently replace these filters, however, you should easily be able to lower the contamination from allergens in your home.

  • BlueAir 501 Air Purifiers
  • This is one of the best allergy relief air purifier because it works with electrostatic energy to help give you a stronger level of purification.

    The 501 model makes use of a HEPASilent filter, which will not only run very quietly, but it can attract particles out of the air and help them stick to the filter itself.

    When you use the BlueAir 501, you are effectively taking 99.97% of particles out of the air which are at least 0.1 microns tiny.

    This can effectively help remove all pollen, dust, pet dander, and if you include the SmokeStop filter, it can effectively remove the presence of cigarette smoke.

    All of this filtration will work best in a room of 580 square feet, as you will be getting 6 air changes per hour in a room of this size.

    The filters will need to be replaced every six months with this model, although you will be experiencing a very high level of purification.

  • Rabbit SPA-780A Air Cleaner
  •   This air purifier is a great choice designed to eradicate the presence of allergens in your home because it lets you customize the type of cleaner that you purchase making it another one of the best allergy relief air purifier.

    Each of the Rabbit units will allow you to focus the filter technology into one of three different areas, so even though you are giving a high level of cleansing all around, you can especially work on reducing the presence of certain elements from your home.

    This can range from toxins in the form of chemicals and gases, the presence of germs and other bacteria, or allergies which commonly arise from pet dander and odors.

    A BioGS HEPA filter is used in the SPA-780A, which will not only trap these allergens and other particles in the air, but it will work on completely destroying them as well.

    A charcoal filter will work on eliminating the presence of odors, making this a very strong purifier to include as a part of your home.

    The range is wide, giving 2 complete air changes per hour in a room of 815 square feet. If you put this Rabbit purifier in a smaller room, you would experience an even higher rate of purification.

    The filters on the Rabbit SPA-780A model should only need to be replaced every 2 years. This will give you a purifier which works to a very high level of satisfaction and needs the smallest amount of maintenance possible. This can be a good choice for curing allergies.

The best allergy relief air purifier will help make your home a much easier place to be. You will be able to relax easier without having to worry about the possibility of an allergy attack arising.

This is why, as you learn about all of the benefits that air purifiers can bring to your allergies, you should be able to make a smart purchase.


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