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Hunter Permalife Air Purifier - Hunter 30547 Reviews


  Different Hunter permalife air purifier reviews for the model Hunter 30547 will help you determine whether it is an appropriate one for your home or office.

The PermaLife air filter located within this purifier will work to help make your air cleaner and safer to breathe.

Yet, without reading Hunter permalife air purifier reviews, you may never know if this is an appropriate choice.

Pros of the Hunter 30547 Air Purifier

  • Covers a very large room, efficiently providing air changes for a space of 510 square feet.
  • PermaLife filter should never need replaced, simply vacuum out the dirt at specific intervals.
  • Programmable LCD control panel allows you to set cycles for this purifier.
  • Comes with a remote control, allowing you to affect the fan without having to change position.

Cons of the Hunter Air Purifier

  • The PermaLife filter has only HEPA qualities, it is not a fully certified HEPA filter.
  • Odor control only captures up to 30% of unwanted odors in the air.

What does Hunter Permalife Air Purifier Offer Its Users?

  • Technology Used In Model

  • While a Hunter 30547 HEPA filter would be desired, this model instead uses a PermaLife air filter to perform its purification. This quality will remove up to 99.5% of all particles from the air that are 0.5 microns or smaller. This is a very efficient standard, helping to make the air in any room safer to breathe.

    Activated carbon pre-filters are located before the PermaLife filter, helping to catch larger particles that pass through the purifier. The more particles that can be caught before the PermaLife filter, the longer that filter should last.

    The activated carbon in the pre-filters will also work to help capture unwanted odors from the air. This can help make any room 30% less affected by unwanted scents, ranging anywhere from food smells to pet odors or cigarettes.

    An ion generator is located after the PermaLife filter, introducing negative ions into the newly purified air. These negative ions will help to freshen the air, making it less stale and flat. That will help the air in and space to have a new life, making it more enjoyable to be in.

  • Ideal Room Size
  • Hunter 30547 reviews say that this model is best suited for large rooms. It can effectively purify the air in a 510 square foot room up to 6 times in a single hour. This can make it a very efficient machine to use in a large space where purified air will be important.

  • Maintenance and Filter Replacement
  •   The Hunter PermaLife air purifier,model 30547 has a permanent filter system that, if properly cared for, should never need to be replaced. The PermaLife filter works so that every few months, as indicated by the display lights on the console of the purifier, the PermaLife filter should be removed and cleaned.

    This consists of using a vacuum with upholstery tools. By carefully using the vacuum to suck all of the dirt and grime that have collected on the filter, you can restore it to its original condition. This will aid you with never having to pay for a replacement filter. If you should happen to need a new PermaLife filter, however, you should expect to pay nearly $80.

    The activated carbon pre-filters are features which need to be replaced around every three months. They will lose their efficiency and stop removing odors from the air. On top of this, they will begin to clog up from all of the large particles that they catch in the air. A typical replacement pre-filter can run between $15 to $20.

    The rest of the machine should be wiped down with a damp cloth fairly often. This can help to remove any build up of grime, dust, or other contaminates which might build up on the surface. That will help prevent the purifier from becoming more clogged than it should be or pushing that dirt back into the air.

  • Noise Level and Energy Use
  • As is standard with Hunter air purifiers, this model comes with three different fan speeds. Each of these speeds will relate to how much energy the model uses and how much air it can purify in any given time. Faster speeds will typically be louder and use more power than the slower speeds.

    The quietest speed is professed to be “whisper-quiet.” This can allow you to be constantly running your purifier, helping you to have a healthy, clean environment without being subject to a great deal of distraction.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The retail manufacturer's suggested price is around $270, you can expect to spend anywhere from $200 through $270 for one of these purifiers.

    The filters needed for this model work in other models. You can expect the prices of these filters to remain the same.

    The warranty provided with a new model comes with a 5 year limited warranty, which will help to cover any damage that may occur on the motor of the unit itself.

  • Additional Features
    • Remote control can be used to put the purifier to sleep, active or turbo-mode.
    • Turbo-mode setting will be a pre-programmed state where the purifier will work at a high speed for a short amount of time, cleaning a great deal of air, before it reverts to a quieter stage.
    • Display lights will indicate when both the carbon pre-filters and the PermaLife filter need to be replaced or cleaned.

Hunter permalife air purifier reviews for this model indicate that this is a very powerful air purifier that can help make any room cleaner and safer for anyone to spend time in.

The merging of different technology can help to make air cleaner and more fresh, better for anyone to spend a significant amount of time in.




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